It's complicated

Chapter 1 - its complicated chapter 1

My girlfriend, Hil (short for Hillary) shared an apartment in a western city. We got along quite well until she fell for another guy and decided to move out on me. Fortunately for me, her name was on the lease too.

"Nat, I want to move in with Chuck, you need to find another roommate." "Hil, no way, you have to find someone, not me, your name is on the lease too." That had not occurred to her. "Ok, ok, I will find someone. Does, the someone have to be a guy, or will a girl be okay, not that it really matters." The apartment did have two bedrooms, though a shared bath, but I didn't want to be an *** about it. "Either is fine with me."

I did worry a bit about who Hilary might find. But I really didn't have much choice. She had to find someone to take over the lease and I couldn't really refuse a person as long as they met the lease requirements.

Hilary did find someone by the end of the month. Her name was Amanda. She was petite like Hilary, really quite pretty, though skinny. She only weighed about one hundred pounds and she was five foot one inch tall.

Hilary brought Amanda over to the apartment to meet me. "Nat this is Amanda, Amanda, this is Nat." We shook hands, Hilary showed her around, she didn't seem to mind the shared bath at all. I wanted to ask her though, "Amanda, do you really not mind having to share a bathroom with a guy?" "Nat I'm fine with sharing. I suppose I should tell you I'm in a similar situation as you, though on the "otherside". My girlfriend found someone else and asked me to move out. She owned the condo, so I wasn't in a position to argue with her. That being said, I'm gay. So I don't mind living with you if you don't mind living with me. Hilary told me about your habit of wearing just your briefs and a t-shirt around the apartment, and I don't mind at all." I thought, "Well that's a relief." I really didn't want to change my habit to accommodate Amanda. "Oh Nat, I don't like wearing much more than my bikini panties and a bra around, so if you don't mind." "Amanda that's not a problem for me either, I suppose Hilary told you something about my preferences too?" Amanda giggled, "Yes Nat she did."

Amanda moved in the next day. I helped her bring her stuff up from the car. She didn't have a whole lot of stuff. She said her girlfriend owned all the furniture and appliances in the condo, so she didn't have much there.

I started to miss Hilary. We were lovers as well as roommates. I think the biggest reason the Hilary left me is she didn't want to gain weight. I'm a FA or chubby chaser, I love plump women. Hilary was only five three and a size twelve. She was not skinny, but not really heavy either. She was into guys who were in pretty good shape, her new boyfriend, Chuck, works out a lot and I don't.

I'm overweight, not huge, but thick in the middle with ample thighs and a big butt. I'm only five foot ten inches, and weigh one hundred eighty pounds. I love to eat and when I am bored, under stress, excited, turned on, happy or sad, I eat.

I kept the refrigerator well stocked as well as cupboards. So there was always something for me to eat. As mentioned earlier, I like to just wear briefs and a t-shirt in the apartment. The briefs I like are bikini cut, which does not hide, any of my dietary indulgences.

Amanda and I really got along pretty well. The bathroom did not become an issue, we left for work at different times, so no conflict there. Amanda liked to shower at night, I liked to shower before going to work in the morning.

I had to admit, I was enjoying the view of Amanda prancing around the apartment in just here panties and bra, she really was quite pretty, though oh so skinny.

I liked to cook, so I would fix dinner/supper nearly every night. I tended to make fairly heavy "guy" style meals, i.e.. meat and potatoes etc. Amanda usually ate with me at night. She didn't really complain, but would comment on my cooking being heavy and rich.

It took a few weeks, but I soon was starting to notice, through my discerning eye (FA remember) that little Amanda was putting on weight. She certainly wasn't "blowing up", but I was detecting a bit of a roll of tummy fat over the waist band of her bikini panties. I bottom seemed a bit rounded and jiggled now. There were little creases of fat being created by her bra straps too.

I too was gaining. I love to eat and missing Hilary I tended to indulge more than I did previously. I also, given my weight distribution, round butt and thighs, though I do have a growing belly, have a bit of a feminine appearance. I have very little hair on my body, my back curves a bit so it looks like I am always sticking out my belly and fat butt. You also consider that I wear bikini cut briefs, I'm not really "well hung" and not gay, or a feminine, from certain angles, I can pass for a chubby woman/girl.

On a couple of occasions Amanda barged into the bathroom on me. My fault, as I didn't close the door all the way. Once I was pulling on a pair of briefs that were too small and having trouble pulling them over my fat butt. I don't have any hair on my butt, so it does look feminine. She gasped, "Oh Nat I'm sorry, I thought the bathroom was free." "My fault totally Amanda, sorry I should have closed the door all the way." I notice right away she was staring at my fat butt.

We seemed to be getting along better the longer we lived together. I got home earlier than Amanda did and I enjoyed cooking so I fixed dinner/supper every night. I cook for guys though, so meat and potatoes, few greens and always a dessert. Well I noticed that Amanda, and I for that matter, were gaining weight. She had a little roll of tummy fat now bulging over the waist band of her bikini panties, her butt was getting rounder and fuller, now pushing out of the leg openings and filling the seat of the chair. Her boobs were even a little bigger, and the roll of fat from her bra strap was getting deeper. My belly was growing, I have added three inches to my waist and two to my butt, my thighs have increased by an inch too.
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