By Fanedfox

Chapter 1

Sally heard a knock at her door. She was expecting her best friend, Janie to stop by on her way home from a stay with her mother, sister and brother inlaw.

Sally opened the door and was startled by Janie’s appearance! Her friend was now fat!

“Janie, ah, what’s going on, you look, ah like you have, ah.” Muttered Sally. Janie giggled and patted her now bulging pot belly. “Gotten fat!”

“Ah I would not have put it that way, but yes, you seem to have gained some weight, Janie. What happened? Oh sorry come on in, please.” Replied Sally.

They hugged, Sally could not get over how soft Janie now was, she must have gained a ton. Sally led Janie into her living room, Janie slipped off her jacket, which Sally noticed, Janie could not button up. When Janie sat down, Sally was shocked to see that Janie’s jeans were undone and her belly was bulging through the opening and resting on her much rounder thighs.

“Would you like something to drink? Sally asked. “Do you have any beer?” asked Janie.

“I do have some, would you like one, Janie?” “I would love a beer, Sally thank you.” Replied Janie as she opened up her pants a little more to get comfortable. Sally grabbed a beer for her guest and a glass of wine for herself. She did not remember Janie liking beer before.

She served her friend, noticing that Janie’s shirt rode up on her belly. “So Janie, tell me, what’s going on?”

Janie started her tale, “ Sally, remember my older sister, Amanda? Well when I went to stay with Mom, I was supposed to help out, since Amanda was nearly eight months pregnant and having trouble carrying the baby. She was not on bed rest, but on very limited movement.”

“I arrived pretty late, so mom just showed me to my room. I got undressed and went to bed. Amanda came into my room around eight o’clock the next morning to wake me. She was eating a donut, and my god Sally she was huge! She only had on a bikini panty and a t-shirt, which only covered about a third of her belly, which was ginormous! She waddled in and almost laid her belly right in my face.”

She said, “Hey little sister, time to get up and have some breakfast, come on, I’m starving!” I got up used the bathroom and was about to get on my robe when Amanda said, “Janie, it is so warm don’t bother, panties and a t-shirt is all you need.” I asked, “Isn’t Ned here with you, I can’t walk around nearly naked with your husband here.”

“Oh Ned won’t even notice. He has been really busy, and he’s just wearing a “Speedo” and t-shirt, so don’t feel embarrassed or anything Janie!” replied Amanda. I thought that was really weird, but I was a little hungry myself and curious as to how big Amanda was.

“Well I thought that was a little weird, but I knew that Ned only had eyes for Amanda, he was really dedicated to her. So I shrugged it off and followed my now waddling sister downstairs.”

I followed her downstairs, amazed the way her butt jiggled up and down. Her cheeks were barely contained in her panties! I noticed her once slim, sculpted thighs were rubbing together.

When we got in the kitchen, I was shocked. My mom had gained a ton of weight, she was wearing a short nightie and panty, her belly was bulging out in front of her and her butt or bottom was huge, too! I glanced over a Ned who had a massive plate piled high with pancakes, smothered with butter and drenched in syrup. I soon found out what must have been keeping Ned so busy, he must have been eating! He was almost a big as Amanda! His belly was huge, all he had on was a t-shirt and an obscenely small, black Speedo, nylon bikini brief. The t-shirt did not cover his belly and his butt was sagging out of the tight, black nylon brief and over the edge of the chair!

Mom greeted me, “Janie dear it is so good to see you dearest, my you are so skinny, sit down dear and have some breakfast with us!” Ned pulled out a chair for me with one hand while his other was shoveling another bite of pancakes into his mouth.

Mom set down a plate covered with pancakes and butter, then she poured syrup all over it. She gave me some tea to drink too, it was really, really sweet, but so good, I drank down a full cup and Mom promptly re-filled it saying, “That’s a good girl.”

I started to nibble and pick at my pile of pancakes, when my appetite kicked into over-drive, suddenly I was starving! I made such a wicked pig of myself, I stuffed the pancakes into my mouth as fast as I could. I got syrup all over my t-shirt, even on my boobs!

I got so stuffed, I thought I was going to be sick. Ned and Mom helped me back to my room and helped me into bed. Mom patted my bloated belly and said, “Janie dear, you need to sleep off your breakfast, you are not used to eating so much, yet.” I just smiled, I thought, “yet!”

Mom and Ned left my room and closed the door. I couple of hours later I woke, I felt hungry again, but my belly was still bloated. I took a shower and got dressed. I still felt too bloated to pull on any jeans, so a just put on my bikini bathing suit.

I went downstairs, feeling really bloated. When I got in the kitchen, everyone was eating again! Amanda was sitting back in a chair, her hands resting on her belly, there were several empty plates in front of her. Ned looked like he would explode, his belly was bulging up against the table, but he was still shoveling food into his mouth. My mom was dressed in a t-shirt and sweat pants, her belly was showing between the t-shirt and waist band of the sweats. She kissed me on my cheek and poked my tummy and said, “sit down dearest, sorry we could not wait for you, we were so hungry!”

I plopped my butt into a chair and my mom set a plate of five cheese burgers in front of me. I just thought, “Oh my god, how fat am I going to get, I can’t believe what is going on, they are all gorging themselves!”

I started to eat the cheeseburgers, I finished four of them and was starting on the fifth. I felt something warm on my thighs, at first I though I had spilled something, but then I realized in was my belly bulging onto my thighs! Mom then filled my plate with cheese fries, smothered with mayo and ketchup and I just kept eating!

By one o’clock, I felt like I was going to explode, I was so stuffed! My belly was bulging out right under my boobs and I could feel the warmth on my thighs.
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