Katie and jill fatten up nat

chapter 1

It was a Friday evening. I got home a little later than usual coming into the house through the garage door in the kitchen. I put down my brief case, keys, and cell, when I heard giggling coming from the family room.

I went in there to my delight was my lovely, now quite plump wife, Katie and her BFF and binge buddy Jill. They were both only wearing bikini panties and tight t-shirts. They looked bloated, I saw two empty pizza boxes, liters of pop, bread stick boxes and dessert roll boxes on the floor as well. They were slouched on the couch and rubbing their respective bellies. Katie spoke up, “Nat honey, how was your day?” I chuckled, “Well not as good as yours’ obviously was.” Katie giggled, and slapped her bulging belly. “Urp, you’re right about that.”

“So what are you two up to, in addition to binging?” They both laughed, Katie said, “Nat we have been doing some planning.” I could tell this conversation was leading somewhere so I played along. “Planning for what ladies?” Katie laughed and so did Jill, “We’ve been planning how to fatten you up, Nat!” “Oh you have, have you. So how are you two going to fatten me up?” I was getting a little turned on at this point.

A few months earlier Jill and I worked on fattening up Katie. She wanted to put on weight and I wanted her to in the worst way. Katie told Jill and she wanted to help. Katie gained and loved it. A few months into Katie’s gain, Jill decided she wanted to gain and get fat as well. Her boyfriend at the time wanted her to work out and lose weight, not gain. They had a fight and Jill left him, staying with us for a few days. She started gaining weight the night they broke up. So I had a feeling that Katie, with her Mom’s encouragement, would want me to put on weight as well.

Just then the doorbell rang. I answered the door, and it was another pizza delivery. I paid the driver for a large meat lover’s pizza, liter of root beer, bread sticks, dipping sauce, and dessert pastries. Katie piped up, “Nat, Jill and I are going to stuff you until you are nice fat, like us!” I was really turned on now, “Well you better get started, I hate cold pizza.” “Nat go up and change, there are some new micro-fiber briefs for you on our bed, and some t-shirts, so hurry up.”

I went right upstairs to our room. I pulled off my clothes and hung them up. I looked at the briefs on the bed and selected a pair of red, size medium, bikini cut and pulled them on. I got a medium t-shirt which barely covered, my modest, but soon to be expanding paunch.

I padded back downstairs to my weighting feeders. Katie, patted a spot on the couch and dutifully plopped down, feigning being heavy, which made her giggle, “You’re really going to be fat soon!” The girls started to bring pizza slices to my mouth which ate with gusto, finishing the entire pizza. They giggle with delight as my pot belly bloated up with rich heavy pizza. They started on the bread sticks and then the pastries. By nine that night I was bloated, engorged, distended, turned on and never happier, I loved being fed/stuffed. I was so full I just wanted to go to bed and sleep off the gorge. Katie patted my belly, “Nat I thinks it’s time for bed.” “Urp, hic, It sure is honey.”

As I started to get up off the couch, I watched Jill put on a cover-up to waddle down to her apartment. I was impressed that she had gained so much weight so quickly. It wasn’t until well into my own fattening experience Katie told me that Jill had been really fat in high school.

Katie helped me stagger to our bedroom, I used the bathroom and then collapsed onto our bed. Katie rubbed my bulging belly until I fell asleep. I woke up (it was Saturday) later than usual. Katie was already downstairs fixing a massive breakfast feast for us. Smelling all the wonderful aromas and hefted myself up, used the bathroom and started downstairs in just my new briefs and a tight t-shirt. Katie giggled when I came into the kitchen admiring her handy work from the night before.

I lowered myself onto a kitchen chair and Katie started bringing over platters of rich breakfast foods, which I started to shovel into my mouth. We both binged for an hour, getting totally full and bloated again. I started to get up to help clean up, when Katie, poked my growing bulge, “Oh no you don’t, no work or exercise for you at all. You just sit back and turn those wonderful calories into fat!”

I sat at the table for a while, rubbing my bloated belly, watching Katie clean up the kitchen. She finished, “Okay big boy, get yourself up we need to get started on eating again.” I hefted myself up, feeling all the food in my packed stomach. I followed her back to the family room, where my lounge chair was. She patted the cushion, “Nat, sit down and relax, I’m going to get organized for today’s fun.”

I fell asleep for a little while. Katie poked my belly to wake me. “Nat honey it’s time for more fun, I think your stomach is stretched out enough for some more eating.” I looked up, Katie was wearing a small, really tight bikini panty and a too small t-shirt, letting belly “peek” out from beneath it. Jill had come over too. She had on a tight pair of shorts and a midriff baring t-shirt, with her growing pot bulging out.
They sat down next to me, I saw tray tables covered with crackers, chips, dips, cookies, energy bars and bottles of regular soda . The girls just put food in front of my mouth and I ate it, snacking and nibbling the morning away.

Jill got up and went to pick up some KFC buckets and all trimmings. All three of us pigged out on that for an hour and then back to snacking and drinking sodas. I was loving it, my belly was bloated and bulging with all the rich treats and snacks, not to mention all of the greasy KFC. The girls partook at well, both of them were showing serious tummy bulge as well. I snacked away the afternoon, totally lazy and slothful, just slouched in my chair with my growing belly sticking up in the air.

Around five, Katie announced that we were going out to eat. She said, “Nat, you need to take a shower and get dressed, where some clean briefs and the sweat pants and t-shirt I laid out for you”. “Yes Dear.” I replied and hefted myself out of chair and headed for our bathroom.

Katie had changed into a pair of tight black stretch pants and a tight t-shirt. Jill joined us after changing into a pair of sweat pants herself and a clean “t”. All three of us were sporting some serious “tummy bulge”. We got in the car and I asked, “Katie, where are we going?” She giggled, patted my bulging belly, “Nat we’re going to the buffet out near the interstate. I can’t weight to get you in there!”

We drove out to the buffet, went in paid the fee and started the best FA/FFA binge/gorge. We all got trays and filled them, ate everything, filled them again, ate it all, went back again. We pounded down four trips to the buffet lines. Sitting at our table bloated, I announced, “Dessert!” We struggled up and filled trays with ice cream sundaes, cheese cake, pies, donuts and cookies. We sat down again and gorged. An hour later, bloated and engorged out of our minds, we finally finished. Waddled to the car and headed home.

We dropped Jill off at her apartment so she wouldn’t have to walk/waddle home from our house. Katie and I came in through the garage into the kitchen. Both of us were bloated, our respective shirts riding up on our bellies. I really wanted to turn Katie on to fool around. I knew exactly what to do and say. I shook my belly with my hands on either side of my now very pronounced bulge, “Honey, I’m still hungry.” “Oh Nat, you are the best husband ever! Park that fat butt of yours in a chair, I’m going to feed you until you pop!” She fed me everything she could think of, ice cream, cookies, cereal, milk and finally some left over donuts. I looked like I was going to explode I was so engorged/bloated/distended and I loved it! “Whoa, Katie, I’m going to explode if I eat anymore!” I chuckled. She just giggled, “Promise!” “Help me up Honey, please.” She helped stagger to my feet, we then went to the bedroom.

Katie had to help me undress, I was an engorged mess. I was so bloated and engorged I couldn’t lean forward at all. I managed to use the bathroom and then waddled to the bed. Katie undressed, and climbed in bed too. She rubbed and kneaded my belly until I fell asleep.

I got up a couple of times to use the bathroom, I thought about going downstairs and eating some more, but I knew Katie was so into feeding me, she be disappointed if I ate without her.

The next morning I woke up to Katie, playing with my fat belly which was splayed out on the bed sheets. She giggled, “Nat you are getting nice and fat! I can’t believe how big your tummy is getting.” I chuckled, “Well you keep feeding me like you did yesterday and it’s going to get a lot bigger!” “Ooh, promise!” giggled Katie.

We got up and went downstairs. Katie made me sit at the kitchen table while she brought over plate after plate of pancakes, French toast, bacon and sausage for me to stuff myself with. She sent me to the family room and my chair to “rest and digest” my morning “feeding”.

Jill came over sporting a noticeable increase in her waist/belly from last night indulgences. We spent the day pretty much as we did Saturday. The girls nibbling away, between feeding me more snacks and treats. We ordered pizza and got totally stuffed again. Jill waddled home around six thirty bloated and engorged.

Katie was rubbing and kneading my belly. My t-shirt had ridden up over my belly, which now bulged out onto my fat thighs. Katie’s t-shirt was barely covering her belly and her stretch pants were so tight I could see the pattern as well as the outline of her panties.

“Nat, honey, are you really okay, with me wanting you to get fat?” “Katie, are you kidding? This is a dream come true for me! Watching you gain, putting on the pounds on your awesome belly and your round, soft booty is to die for and getting to make a pig of myself and get a huge fat, pot belly and eat as much as I want, Katie this is practically heaven for me.” She started crying, “Oh Nat you are the best! I want you to get so fat! I can hardly stand it.” “Honey, you feed me as much as you want, I’ll get huge for you. But, I want to see your belly and bottom, get rounder, bigger and softer too.”

We managed to get ourselves to our bedroom for some serious love making. We even got up in the middle of the night and stuff ourselves with bowls of cereal.

The next morning as I struggled to get my expanding butt, belly and thighs into a pair of pants, Katie asked me, “Nat, do you know anyone at work, who we could fix up Jill with?” I thought for a moment, while trying to button my pants. “Katie, there is a guy in the IT department. He’s pretty heavy and kind of shy, but he’s a really nice guy. I think he and Jill would hit it off pretty well. His name is Ted.”

“Nat, I’ll check with Jill today, she’ll come over later to eat with me, I’d like to “fix her up” as soon as possible. I really like her, but the way we get so turned on when we are binging, I’m afraid it’s getting a little awkward for me.”

Katie, or course, stuffed me with a huge breakfast. I could barely get in the car without bursting out of my pants. I got to work noticing several people checking out my now very pronounced belly bulge and obviously tight clothes. I kept going to the vending machines for extra provisions during the morning. Katie called, and said Jill would love to go out with someone we thought might be right for her tonight.
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