Life is (burp) good

chapter 1

I'm sitting by our pool. I'm stuffed and bloated from a huge lunch of cheeseburgers, fries, potato salad and ice cream. My wife just brought me another bag of potato chips and my fourth beer. I'm watching her basketball size bottom cheeks wobbled in her bikini and she goes back to the kitchen, trying not to show how aroused I am from the view, wearing a nylon brief bathing suit. I have gained forty two pounds in the last six months, but it wasn't always this way.

Carol and I had been married for only a year, when things started to change. We had been happy for the first year. She started going to a palates studio to lose weight. I didn't want her to, but she said she'd feel better about herself. She wasn't really heavy, just a little on the plump side.

The studio was run by one of those "fitness Nazis" whose methods were harsh and destructive. Carol got hooked on diet pills given or forced on her by the head trainer. She was jittery all the time and prone to out bursts and anger. The target was usually me. I was pretty heavy when we married, but I had gained more weight. My Dad is a big guy, so it did come naturally to me, as well as I love to eat.

The situation came to head. I got home one evening. I walked in the house, "Carol, I'm home!" Nothing, that was weird she is usually home either fixing herself a salad and a smoothie or working out. I went to our bed room and found her unconscious on the bed. She was unresponsive; I dialed 9-1-1, the paramedics were there in minutes. They rushed her to the hospital, where she was revived.

The doctor came out to talk to me. "Doctor, what happened?" He looked at me, "Mr. Fox, Carol took an over dose of barbiturates, she is lucky you came home when you did. I have checked with your insurance carrier, I want to admit her to a counseling rehab facility for six weeks. I think we can get her straightened out and back to normal. I understand she has been on these pills for months." "Yes doctor, as far as I know." "How does this line of treatment sound to you.?" "It sounds good to me, doctor, may I see her?" "No, that is not a good idea. She is pretty upset and confused right now. I will have her transferred to the facility in the morning."

I went home worried, but also relieved that maybe the old happy Carol would soon return. Just over six weeks later I got a call from the rehab center. "Hello." "Mr. Fox?" "Yes, this is Nat Fox." "Mr. Fox this is Liz, I one of Carol's nurses. She is ready to come home." "Great I have missed her when can I pick her up?" "Around four this afternoon, Carol asked you to bring her a pair of her old bikini panties, a pair of your sweat pants and one of your t-shirts." That was a little weird to me, but whatever Carol wanted was fine with me. "I will meet you in the front lobby when you arrive, please have me paged when you get here." Liz hung up. I was still intrigued by Carol's request when I arrived at the center.

I had Liz paged and she came right done. "Oh good Mr. Fox, you have the things for Carol." She had an orderly take the items to Carol's room. "Ah, Liz, why did Carol ask for old panties and my sweat pants and t-shirt?" "Mr. Fox, that is why I wanted to speak to you before Carol came downstairs. We treated her with a combination of medications, that really worked quite well, she is happy now and you will see well adjusted. The medications though were not without side effects however. Primarily, the effects were increased appetite, decreased metabolism and hypothalamic , meaning Carol didn't feel full after she ate. Since depression was a side effect of the barbiturates, we wanted to avoid any restrictions, or as few as possible on Carol's behavior. Carol told us, that you were not at all in favor of her dieting and losing weight. Is that correct?" "Yes Liz that's correct. Ah, what are you trying to say?" "Mr. Fox, Carol has gained a fair amount of weight." "How much has she gained?" Liz kind of blushed, which I thought a little weird. "She has gained sixty pounds." "Sixty pounds in six weeks, that's a lot of weight in that kind of time. How many meals a day was Carol allowed to eat?" " Six meals, and unlimited access to food." "That sounds excessive to me. How is she dealing withal the weight she has gained?" "Actually a lot better than we initially thought, see for yourself, Mr. Fox."

"Hi Nat!" I looked and nearly couldn't believe my eyes. The last time I saw Carol, she was painfully skinny, just over one hundred pounds being five foot three in height. Carol now looked seven months pregnant with a big pot belly, round, fat thighs and a huge bubble booty. Her boobs were being squeezed in a tight bra creating rolls of fat under her arms. But I had to admit, she was happy. She came up to me, bumping me with her pot belly, giggling, she whispered, "Like what you see?" I wrapped my arms around her feeling the softness, her love handles, deep panty lines from the old bikini panty. I kissed her, "Yes, Babe I do."
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