Marriage weight gain

Chapter 1

Jane, was petite, five foot two, she weighed one hundred and six pounds, “dripping wet” as they say about very thin people. She had been a cheerleader in college, which lead to her falling in love with Matt, who by all accounts, at least physically the exact opposite of Jane.

Matt weighed nearly three hundred pounds, he was six foot four and a center of their college team. He was as huge, as Jane was tiny.

Jane loved how safe and cared for she felt in Matt’s arms, being held by him or even cuddling against his massive form.

By the end of their senior year, Matt had proposed to Jane, and she, of course, accepted.

Matt’s family adored Jane, though she was tiny and petite, it was clear she truly loved Matt. Jane’s family was taken back a bit by Matt’s size. They worried about their daughter’s safety when they first met him, but soon realized that Matt was a fierce player on the football field, he was a gentle giant when he was around Jane.

Jane’s mom, Sally, said to Jane the night before the wedding, “Jane, dearest, I am so happy for you, but I worry…” “About what Mom?, asked Jane. Jane I am concerned about you gaining weight being Matt’s wife, dear, he really eats so much food, I can hardly believe it!” Exclaimed Sally.

“Mom! I will be fine. I don’t eat very much, and I am sure I can keep my figure even around Matt’s eating habits.” “Well I am sure you can dearest, just be careful what you eat and not to much.” Admonished Sally.

Matt signed with a NFL team as center, received a great signing bonus and salary, nearly two million dollars a year, the couple was set.

Matt and Jane bought a nice house, not to big, and very modest in a nice, but not exclusive neighborhood and set up house keeping.

Jane loved to cook for Matt and he loved her cooking, there were rarely any left-overs.

Jane would eat with Matt during the week and all of the off season. But as her mother had warned her, Jane began to gain weight.

At first the weight gain was just a few extra pounds, panties a little tighter, bra a little fuller, a little “roll” around her waist. Jane did not realize it, but she gauged her portions based on what Matt’s servings were. Matt of course, ate huge amounts of food to maintain his weight, despite the constant exercise of practices and games.

Jane ended up eating much, much more than she had at the sorority house or at home and the pounds soon began to really pile on!

Jane did notice she was gaining and did cut back on her serving sizes, but still, even those by comparison, were nearly twice as much as she used to eat living at home or at college.

By Jane and Matt’s first anniversary her weight had gone from one hundred and seven pounds to a rather plump one hundred and twenty five. Jane now sported a little pot belly and a round bubble bottom, perched atop round little thighs.

One night, she came in to their bedroom in an old nightie outfit that now was several sizes to small, her little belly was lifting up the camisole and her bottom was about to rip the seams of the panty! Matt exclaimed, “Jane baby you look so hot! Oh My God where did you get the awesome nightie baby?” “Matt I have had this for ages. But it is so small on me now, I think Sally was right, I am gaining weight! What am I going to do honey I am getting so fat! I have gained eighteen pounds and it is only the first year of our marriage!”

Matt just smiled and picked up his plump little wife, “Jane, baby you are so hot, I love your body. I think you should stop worrying about your weight and just enjoy yourself!”

Matt and Jane made love that night the best ever. Jane, while lying next to her huge husband, made a decision that night.

Jane started to really indulge herself, eating her favorite foods with both increasing frequency and portions! Her belly ballooned under the on-slot of fat and calories. She had to buy new lingerie several times before the holidays.

On Christmas Eve Jane was getting dressed, pulling on tight panties that accentuated her now protruding belly, her bottom looked like a pair of volley balls were stuffed in her panties and thighs now rubbed together as she waddled around her bedroom. She pulled on her dress over her head and tied the waistband around herself, just below her plump boobs, accentuating her belly. She went down stairs to greet their guests.

While Jane was loading her third plate of rich confections, Sally came up to her and poking (gently) Jane’s round tummy, asked, “Jane dear, are you happy?”

Jane’s smile lit up the room, she answered Sally with her mouth full, “Yes Mom I am very, very happy! I love my figure and Matt loves it too!”
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