Plus size epiphany

chapter 1

Amanda Clark was lounging around her condo, feeling sorry for herself. The aspiring model had recently gained weight (again). She had been struggling to stay at just 105 lbs. but it was getting harder and harder. She was short, for a model, a just 5'5", which pretty much left her out of "runway" work. She had been doing fairly well with catalog modeling, but she knew the extra pounds could threaten that work as well.

Amanda was thinking about working out (which she hated), when the phone rang. "Hello?" "Hey Amanda, it's me Ned." Ned was Amanda's agent. She really liked him, but she though he was gay. Ned had seen Amanda in just bra and panties numerous times and she even came on to him more than once, but he always politely managed to rebuff her efforts. "Ned how are you, any work for me?" "Amanda, have you seen the new cover of "People"?" "No I haven't, why?" " The cover girl this week is Tess Holiday." Amanda thought for a moment, "Ned, I've never heard of her, does she do runway or magazine work?" Ned laughed, "No, Amanda, she's a "plus size" model." "Really, I mean how big is she? You know some of what the business calls plus size, aren't really." "Amanda, that's my point, Tess weighs 280 lbs. and she is your height!" "No way, Ned really 280, she must be huge!" "She is! She really is very attractive too, quite pretty actually. Amanda, have you had lunch yet?" "No, Ned I haven't, I was going to skip it today, I'm trying to lose weight again." "Hey, I want to talk to you, I think I have a new strategy that could really boost your career." "Really, Ned that sounds great when are you going to come over?" "I'm leaving my office now. I'll pick up some lunch. See you in a half hour."

Amanda thought about getting dressed, but decided to blow if off. Ned had seen her in panties and t-shirts before, he can see her now. Her stomach growled. She patted her modest little pouch, causing a little jiggle, much to her dismay.

The bell rang. Amanda padded to the door and opened it. Ned was standing there holding a big bag from "In and Out" burger. Amanda's eyes widened at the smell. "Ned I can't eat that stuff, I trying to lose weight." "Amanda, chill, calm down, and listen to me."

They went and sat down at her kitchen table. Ned opened by bag and gave Amanda a huge burger, fries and a shake. He pushed a copy of the new "People" magazine toward Amanda. Her eyes widened as she looked at Tess on the cover. "Oh my god, she is huge!" "I know, Amanda, I want you to consider becoming a plus size model." Amanda stopped in mid bite, chewed, "Are you kidding, Ned, I've struggled with my weight for ages." "That's the point! I don't want you to struggle anymore. I want you to stuff yourself, start packing on the pounds, get a nice big belly and round butt. Look at Tess, she is huge, 280 lbs. of her. You wouldn't have to gain nearly that much weight."

Amanda while chewing, looked over the magazine. She saw the photos of Tess, in high rise briefs and a huge bra. She was amazed that Tess had "tats" as well. Her arms, like the rest of her were huge too. Amanda continued to shovel fries into her mouth, taking long pulls of the shake and large bites of her burger. "So what do you think?"

"Ned, do you really think I could get work, if I was big?" "Amanda, my phone is ringing all the time with agencies and photographers looking for bigger girls. I just know I can keep you working seven days a week if you just gain weight." "What size would I need to get up to?" "Well plus size used to be a size 10 or 12, but the market has been demanding girls from size 16 up to 20. Tess, in this photo is a size 22!"

Amanda thought to herself, "Is this a dream come true or what! My agent wants me to get fat!" She giggled, patted her now bulging pouch, "Ned, I'll do it, I'll gain weight!" "Babe, that's awesome!" Ned pulled another burger and shake out of the bag. "Now eat up, you have work to do!"

Amanda shrieked with joy and the sight of more food. She gorged on the burger, shakes and fries. Ned took her food shopping and they loaded up two carts full of rich fattening foods.
That evening Ned took her out to dinner at a buffet. Amanda loved it and got totally stuffed. Ned had brought over some vitamin E and other lotions. He wanted to prevent as many stretch marks as possible. Thought most photographers have make up artists on hand to cover up all but the largest and deepest marks.

Amanda was soon putting on weight. She had become plump in high school after quitting soccer and her fat cells remembered! She went on a strict five thousand calorie a day diet, or at least five thousand calories. She slept in, ate a large, heavy breakfast, lay around the pool, snacking, huge lunch, more snacking, huge supper, more snacking, top off, then go to bed. This became her routine and it was showing.

Her belly now bulged out past her breasts, even though, they were noticeably fuller. Her thigh gap disappeared was her thighs become perfectly round and soft. Her bottom ballooned, to a fully fledged bubble butt. She could feel her body jiggling as she walked around her condo. Ned was coming over more and more frequently to check on his "project".

Ned called after four weeks in Amanda's new diet. "Amanda, it's me Ned. I have a "shoot" for you." "Ned that's awesome, what kind of shoot is it?" "It is a lingerie shoot, but for maternity panties, thongs and briefs. The photographer had a model lined up, but there was a delay and she got too big for the shoot. They wanted a model that would be showing, but between four and seven months, rather than nearly full term. I think your belly is round enough to pass for pregnant, what do you think?"

"Ned it sounds fantastic, I'll do it. When is it?" "Amanda, it's tomorrow in downtown. I'll pick you up at nine o'clock, and Amanda, be sure you are nice and bloated, okay?" She giggled, "You don't have to worry about me being bloated!"

Amanda got up at six thirty, a bit of strain on her new lifestyle, but she was excited to get to work again. She ate a whole box of toaster waffles, two large glasses of whole milk, a couple bowls of cereal and three donuts. Patting her now bloated belly, she went to the bathroom, showered, washing her hair and shaved.

Before she knew it, Ned was there. Amanda came down in just a t-shirt and sweats. Ned smiled approvingly at his protégés bloated belly. "Amanda, you look perfect. If I didn't know you I would swear you were six months pregnant. This is going to be great.

They got to the shoot, and Ned was correct, the photographer and the agency people were totally taken with Amanda and her "pregnant" figure. She loved wearing the maternity lingerie, sticking out her belly the whole day. The buffet they provided was awesome and with Ned's help, Amanda managed to discreetly stay stuffed and full all day.

The agency people were so thrilled with the cute pregnant model they managed to find on such short notice that they paid a bonus as well as over a thousand dollars for a days' work.

On the way back to her condo she was giddy with excitement over how well her first "plus size" shoot went. "Ned, do you think they had any idea that I was really fat, and not pregnant?" Ned smiled, looking down at Amanda, her round belly lifting her t-shirt up, "One of the make up artist asked me if you were really pregnant, I think she knew, but I really don't think it mattered. The bikini panties, briefs, thongs and even the boy shorts fit you like a dream . They even told me they appreciated your round bottom showing off the thong." She laughed, "I know, I loved how everything fit so well. They let me keep everything I wore too. It's so comfortable."

The sat in silence as Ned drove toward her condo. He kept sneaking looks at Amanda's belly jiggling over every bump the car hit. Ned pulled into her condo project parking area and was about to pull up to her building's door when Amanda said, "Ned would you come in, please, stay for supper?" He smiled, "I'd love too!"

Ned and Amanda got in the elevator and went up to her condo. Ned suggested, "Let's order in, my treat!" Amanda giggled, "Sounds great to me, what should we get?" Ned thought, "It should be something really fattening." "How does pizza sound?" Amanda giggled, "Oh Ned that sounds great! It should help my figure too!" They called in an order and sat down to weight for the delivery guy.

"Ned, can I ask you a question?" "Sure, what is it?" "Ned to you like my new figure, you know me getting so fat now?" Ned blushed, the first time Amanda had ever seen him even come close to losing his composure, and god only knows, how Amanda has tried. "To tell you the truth Amanda, I love your figure." "I knew it! Ned, for a while I thought you might be gay. I tried to hit on you every chance I got and you always politely rebuffed me. I noticed how often you starting coming over here as I gained weight and today, I saw the look in your eyes while I was modeling all that lingerie."

Ned leaned in and kissed Amanda. She was about to literally jump on him when the bell rang for the pizza delivery. Ned paid the driver and brought the pizzas into the kitchen. Amanda wanted to "fool around" right now, but Ned said, "Not yet, you need to get nice and full, then some fun."

Amanda gorged herself on the pizza eating seven of eight slices of the extra larger, thick crust, double cheese, meat lovers pizza. Ned kept her eating with generous portion of red wine, so Amanda was stuffed and buzzed. Her t-shirt now rode up and a round, bulging , nearly distended belly.
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