Rapture of the bellies

  By Fanedfox

Chapter 1 - rapture of the bellies

It was early May, Katy and I were driving home from a movie. Katy said, "Matt look at that billboard, it says the word will end on May 21st, something called "Rapture". I sighed, "Don't believe everything you read on a billboard honey, just some nut group just wanting to scare everyone." I replied.

We drove in silence for a few minutes and then Katy said, "Matt what would you do if you knew you only had two weeks to live?" I thought for a moment, then replied, "I would quit my job." "Duh!" giggled Katy. "What else?" I thought for a couple of minutes I answered; "You are going to think this is really weird, but I would eat everything I want for two weeks. Since I would not have to worry about how fat I would get. What anyone would think about me. I would not have to worry about spending so much money on food."

Katy sat for a second or two thinking, then blurted, "Matt that is an awesome idea. I would be so turned on just indulging, not even have to worry how fattening things are or how unhealthy, because it would not matter!"

Katy reached over and put her hand on my groin and giggled, "I feel you would be turned on too if we both stuffed ourselves for two weeks."

"Honey, you are not serious are you. These people with the billboards are just some nut cases. You know, it could even be one of the tiny weird congregations with a nut pastor, like the nut case who burned the Koran last year."

"But Matt this would be so fun, what an excuse to just indulge ourselves! Matt I really want to do this to myself and you!" Katy nearly shrieked. I thought, "God this would be awesome, I love to watch Katy eat and I love bingeing myself this could really be an awesome turn on!" "Katy, you are right this would be awesome, it is a great excuse to just gorge ourselves for two weeks! Let's do it!" I said.

We stopped at a Dairy Queen and each of got several rich treats to binge on. We got home stuffed ourselves with the ice cream treats. We sent emails to our respective employers saying we have an emergency and need to take our vacations immediately. We followed up the emails with phone calls the next morning.

We got up, ate everything we could find in the kitchen until we were both stuffed and bloated. While we were sitting slouched in the kitchen chairs rubbing our bloated bellies, we planned what could be our final assault on our waist lines!

Dress in just briefs, t-shirt and sweats we headed to our warehouse store and spend over five hundred dollars on rich fattening foods. We bought plenty of cakes, pies, bratwurst, hamburgers, pastries, donuts, candy, whole milk, eggs and plenty of baking supplies.

We got home and gorged on a lunch of bratwurst, cheese, hamburgers and potato salad. Katy and I were totally stuffed, distended, bloated, happy and turned on, but in some pain.

Katy burped, "Urp, excuse me, honey, God, I am so stuffed, I might burst. I am really uncomfortable too. I not sure gorging and bingeing for the next couple of weeks is such a good idea." I patted Katy's bulging belly gently. "Baby its okay. These first couple of days it will be uncomfortable until our stomachs stretch out. Once we get used to so much food, we can really gorge ourselves and stay stuffed all day!"

"Oh, okay Matt. I will try to keep eating and keep everything down. I sure hope you are right."

We managed to nibble away the afternoon, then another huge meal for supper, this time spaghetti with a nice rich sauce, Italian sausages, garlic bread, we got painfully stuffed again. We did not feel as painfully bloated as we did at lunch.

Some ice cream sundaes and candy then off to bed. We did not get up and eat during the night. I wanted to, but slept through until early morning.

I woke up and gently poked Katy's tummy. "Hey babe, how about breakfast in bed?"
She giggled, "Oh Matt that would be awesome, I need to use the bathroom first. I even feel hungry this morning!"

Katy and I binged on French toast, pancakes, sausages and bacon. We drank our coffee now with both cream and sugar and sweetened orange juice too.

Sitting back against the head board, Katy was caressing her bulging tummy. She giggled, "Matt you were right about bingeing! The more often we eat, the longer it takes me to get full and I am not nearly as uncomfortable either! This is great!!"

"I know, what do you want to do for lunch?" I asked. "Oh Matt, I know, let's go out to that new buffet by the interstate and see how much we can eat!" giggled Katy.

"That's an awesome idea, dearest. I have always had fantasies about going into a buffet and totally gorging myself." I agreed.
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Fanedfox 12 years
I have recently put two new stories up on my deviantart site, but I have not added anything here. I will try to post a story or two here soon.
Fanedfox 12 years
Chubbylover1, glad you enjoyed the story.
Fanedfox 12 years
Thank you all! I will keep at this theme as long as we have those predictors.
FrecherTyp 12 years
oh^^ very nice and sexy story ;-)
Biggzv 12 years
Keep it going. I want to read more