Sakura gets fat

chapter 1

Sakura gets fat

Sakura finished her routine, getting high nines from the three judges, which gave her high school team enough point to win the match and qualify for the Provincial Meet in a week.

Sakura was in the last weeks of her junior year at Kyoto Girls High School. She was the best girl on the schools gymnastics team and its quasi captain. She had good grades and worked hard at both school work and athletics. She was one of two daughters of a single mom, who adored her daughters.

Sakura had one weakness, that her Mom, up until now had helped her control, that was food and eating. Sakura loved to eat, despite being petite and slim, even for a gymnast, she loved food. She was very pretty in addition to her slim figure. Her Mom had been very supportive of her athletic pursuits and worked to keep her daughter's eating habit in check to preserve her figure and athleticism.

The meet went well for Sakura and Kyoto Girls High School team, they won the Provincial Meet and a large trophy and awards for all the girls. The off season had finally started.

Sakura' mom worried about her daughter, especially that Sakura denied herself of eating the foods she loved. Her mom also thought that Sakura was too thin, and would look far cuter if she was plumper. She also worried about the kind of boy who liked the very skinny, pretty girls to show off to their friends, while treating their girlfriends like a mere possession. Her mom decided that she would let Sakura eat more and in fact let her eat as much as she wanted too.

Sakura had recently cut her hair and had it died blue. She loved it and pranced around the house in just her leotard and bare feet.

This played into her mom's plan to let Sakura eat more. She wouldn't feel as full in the stretchy leotard as she would in her form fitting school blouse and skirt. After school Sakura was now snacking, since she didn't have to go to the gym to work out in the off season. Her mom gave here more money for the cafeteria too. Sakura loved getting double helpings of her favorite treats.

The week went by quickly, on the weekend Sakura stayed inside in the air conditioning as the spring weather was getting hot and humid. While inside of course, Sakura snacked away the day, usually just wearing either a leotard or bikini panties and a t-shirt. The next week her mom gave her more money for the cafeteria, and she really enjoyed the now larger and larger meals.

Sakura did start to notice that her flat stomach, now had a little curve, her thighs were thicker and her bottom cheeks were getting softer. Her uniform blouse was getting tighter and the waist band of her skirt was tighter and the hem of her skirt was rising too. Mom complimented her whenever she had the chance saying her pretty she looked.

Sakura, was very happy, she loved to eat, and now she was really eating as much as she wanted, and whatever she wanted. Her Mom's compliments, just reassured her that she couldn't be gaining any weight, since her mom thought she looked so wonderful. Sakura kept right on enjoying and indulging.

She was of course putting on weight. She was starting to get a pot belly and her thigh gap was closing rapidly as she put on more weight and now got no exercise. Her mom loved to watch her daughter walk around the house in just her panties and a t-shirt, clearly with a growing belly and bubble bottom.

The school semester finally ended and the short summer break started. Her mom said to her, "Sakura, you have done so well this semester, you may take the summer break off, no working out or studies, you may enjoy yourself." "Thank you Mom, that's wonderful of you." Her Mom thought to herself, "and of course get fat too."

Sakura lounged around the house, went to the pool, though her friends noticed she was gaining weight, were too polite to say anything and they had been jealous of Sakura's slim figure and athletic ability. Now this lack of activity and eating habits would have, of course lead to Sakura getting plump, but most likely not fat. However an event occurred that would change Sakura's figure and weight dramatically.

An American style fast food place opened just a block from Sakura's house. While coming home from the community pool, wearing a now tight cover up over her bikini, she smelled the most wonderful smell she had ever experienced, frying meat and deep fryers cooking onion rings and French fries. Sakura was hooked! She went inside ordered a cheese burger, onions rings, fries, a milk shake and a sundae and took it home. Mom was at work, so Sakura, just dug in, gorged on the rich, greasy fattening treats, getting totally stuffed and bloated. After she finished she pulled off the tight cover up and lay down on her bed just wearing the bikini, her belly, stuffed full and bloated bulged up in the air.

Her Mom got home an hour later. She smelled the greasy food and saw the empty wrappers in the trash; she smiled to herself, now sure that her daughter would be getting nice and fat! She went into Sakura's bed room and admired her daughter's bulging belly rising and falling with each breath. Sakura had a little smile on her face as she slept.

Mom went into Sakura's bed room. She gently poked her daughter's belly, "Sakura dear, wake up. I want to go out to dinner tonight." Sakura woke up, sleepily answered her mom, "Yes, mom, but I need to take a shower." "Yes, please do Sakura and put on that dress we bought last winter." "Yes Mom."

Sakura stripped off her tight bikini and took a shower. She lathered up her growing belly and giggled, "I need to be careful, I'm getting fat!" She thought to herself. She dried off, and put on panties and a bra. She got out the dress her mom mentioned and started to put it on. It tight, especially around Sakura's growing belly and bottom cheeks. She pulled it down, sucking in her belly. She looked in the mirror and started to worry what her mom was going to say, given, the dress clearly show she has gained weight.

She went to join her mom in the foyer, dreading what her mom was going to say about how much weight she had gained. To her shocked surprise, her mom said, "Sakura, dear, that dress looks so adorable on you, it fits perfectly!" Sakura absently ran her hand over her bulging belly, "Thank you, Mom, the dress feels good."

The restaurant her mom chose was one of Sakura's favorites and her mom insisted on her daughter ordering all of her favorites. Sakura got totally stuffed, she loved the food and her mom was encouraging her to eat as much as she wanted. It even seemed to Sakura, that her mom was trying to get her stuffed. When they got up to leave, mom glanced over, smiled to herself, as her daughter struggled to stand, she was so full. Her belly was straining the overly tight fabric, threatening to burst through any second.

When they got home, mom hugged a very bloated and full Sakura, feeling how much bigger her daughter was getting. Sakura staggered to her room, peeled off the tight dress and went into the bathroom. She was shocked at her reflection in the mirror, her belly was bulging straight out from under her modest, but plumper boobs, nearly sagging over the tight waist band of her bikini panty. The panty was cutting love handles into her belly and the leg opening were creating little roles of their own. She patted her tummy bulged and giggled, she thought, "Mom wants me to get fat, so I guess I'm going to get fat!" She went to bed dreaming of gorging herself and the new American style restaurant.

Sakura did just that. The rest of summer break, Sakura would go the pool and her ever tightening bikini. Stop and the fast food place get her favorite order, go home, stuff herself and weight for mom to home and compliment her on how cute she looked.

School started three weeks later. Mom came in her room a couple of days early, "Sakura, I need you to try on your uniforms and leotards to see if you need new ones." Thinking to herself that she would.

Sakura got out a school shirt, she couldn't even button it, her belly and boobs just bulged out. She giggled and got a skirt, she couldn't pull it up over her round, soft thighs, the waist band just dug in to her soft thigh fat. The leotard was obscenely too tight. She did managed to get it on, but her belly sagged through the leg opening in the front, her bottom bulge out the back and it cut into the fat under her arms. Both Mom and Sakura giggled. Sakura, patted her belly, "Mom, I guess the girl with the short blue hair is now a fattie!" Mom laughed, "Let's go shopping and get you something to eat!"
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Nok 6 years
Upbeat, sweet, cute, and yet still both naughty and very sexy. Great job.
Tsap 6 years
A small jewel, I think and totally liked this one.
Mom's motive was well described, positivism (I seldom appreciate voluntary WG) felt astonishingly nice and the mental pictures the story brought up were perfect for my taste.
More? smiley