The best thanksgiving ever

Chapter 1

Amanda was headed home finally! It seemed this semester was the longest she had ever spent at college! The week dragged on. She knew her attitude did not help any. She had broken up with her boyfriend of several months just before she left to return to college for her first semester of her senior year.

Missing being with Jim, her ex, and not going out much without a significant other, Amanda fell into some bad habits. She got bored easily, which usually led to some form of indulgence. She started to drink more, but she realized that drinking could really lead to serious problems, plus a couple of nasty handovers, cured her of that bad habit.

She started to eat more in the cafeteria and bought more “munchies” for her dorm room this new habit soon manifested on her belly and bottom.

Amanda had weighed around 110 lbs. since her senior year in high school, she occasionally worked out, but not regularly. She had fairly decent eating habits up until this semester.

Amanda was getting dressed one morning in late November. She pulled on her bikini panties noticing how tight they felt. “I must have shrunk these in that really hot dryer.” She thought. She pulled on her bra, that too was a little tight, causing a roll of fat under her arms. “Darn this too!”

Amanda looked in the mirror, she really had not been paying much attention to her figure through the semester and was startled to see a much plumper Amanda staring back at her.

She noticed her belly now bulged over the waist band of her panty. She absently patted her belly causing it to jiggle. She ran her hands over her now rounder bottom feeling the leg opening of her bikini cutting into her creating rolls of fat.

She went into her bathroom and stepped on the scale, it soared to 126 lbs. Amanda almost screamed, “Oh my god I have gained over 15 lbs! Mom is going to have a fit when she sees how fat I am!”

She almost started to cry, “What am I crying about! It’s my body, if Mom has a problem with my weight, than tough!”

Amanda pulled on a pair of jeans, dancing to pull them up over her plumper thighs. She grabbed a t-shirt and pulled in on over her head and smoothed it over her belly. The snap on the jeans was digging into her belly.

She went down to the cafeteria, thinking just fruit and a cup of coffee, but the smells of bacon, sausage, omelets, pancakes and French toast were too much, and she filled a tray with rich breakfast treats.

When she got up to leave for class, she had to un-snap her jeans, she was so full it was painful to leave them snapped. Fortunately, her t-shirt was just barely long enough to cover the snap, so hopefully no one would notice it was un-done.

She went off to class now self-conscious of her increasing weight and her jeans un-done.

The next few days were hard on Amanda. She felt very self conscious of her increased weight, she alternately wanted to diet or binge.

Meanwhile back at home, Caroline, Amanda’s mom was also having some weighty issues!

Caroline was having a hard time adjusting to being an empty nester. She and her husband, Amanda’s dad, George got along well, but were not very intimate anymore. This bothered Caroline, she loved the intimacy and missed the sex too.
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