The freshman fifteen

Chapter 1


By Ned Fox

Sara had returned from college with a few extra pounds. Her mom was not thrilled with her now somewhat plump daughter, but her grades were excellent and she was not drinking, so a few pounds could be overlooked

Sara on the other hand loved her new pounds. She had rushed a sorority in her third trimester. She loved the other girls and the sense of belonging. The extra pounds had been a result of the house’s new cook, a plump German woman, named Gerta. The girls also started to do some binge eating. This was a result of a visit from one of the more popular seniors from last year’s class who had graduated. She returned to campus for a wedding and stopped by for a visit. She was eight and half months pregnant and had gained sixty pounds, showing mostly on her belly and bottom.

The girls were enthralled by her appearance, she wore tight fitting clothes showing off her new belly and very round bottom. She had been a lacrosse player in college and very slim. But now she was totally into “eating for two”. When she stayed for dinner, she ate everything in sight. The other girls just stared at their once super buff role model now gorging herself in front of them. Needless to stay more than one of the “sisters” was more than a little turned on. After the Alum left, they exclaimed at her appetite and figure, giggling and sticking out their little bellies to emulate her.

That last Tri Sara and several other girls gained fifteen to twenty pounds apiece. The second floor of the house of off limits to visiting guys, so t-shirts and panties were the standard uniform and the pizza delivery was very prompt.

When Sara got home, her mom tried to talk Sara into dieting, but Sara would have no part of it. She liked her new little belly and the jiggle in her walk. Her mom kept kidding her on her waddle, but Sara ignored the comments.

While at the store, soon after Sara came home, Katie, Sara’s mom, bumped into Sally Fox and her son, Neddie. Ned and Sara had gone to Prom one year and even a homecoming dance, but did not feel attracted to one another to date seriously.

Ned liked “bigger” girls with curves. Sara liked the big boys, she ended up dating one the lineman from the football team. While she adored his big belly, she did not find much else to like. Ned dated a plump trombone player from the band.

Sara’s lineman was just too dumb and Ned’s trombone player went to college in Colorado and lost weight.

Sally and Katie started chatting. “My Ned gained quite a bit of weight at college.” Commented Sally. Katie said, So did my Sara.” Katie noticed the once slim swim team member Ned, had quite a belly on him now. Sally noticed Katie looking and said, “He has gained nearly thirty pounds and four inches on his waist.” Katie noticed that Ned’s jeans were un snapped and that his belly lifted up his t-shirt a bit. Ned came over and said hello and started asking after Sara. “How is Sara doing, I heard she made deans list at State all three tri’s.” Katie beamed, ”Yes Ned she did, she also joined a sorority up there. She is home now, not doing much. Oh Ned don’t feel bad about your weight, Sara gained weight too.” Ned’s interest perked up immediately. “Oh really, not as much as I have gained I hope.” Patting his own belly. “Oh no, Neddie, she only gained about fifteen pounds.” “Oh that’s good,” replied Ned.

Katie noticed Ned’s interest, she had always liked him and was disappointed that Sara and Ned had not hit it off. “Ned, why don’t you come by for a swim and supper with us, I’m sure Sara would love to see you.” “I don’t know, I would not want to intrude.” Replied Ned. “Nonsense, Ned, come by at six.” “Ok ma’am,” replied Ned.

Sally and Katie chatted a while longer. Ned imagination ran wild thinking of Sara with fifteen extra pounds on her. This could be a very interesting evening.

When Katie got home, Sara was out by the pool lounging. Katie noticed Sara’s belly sticking up and just sighed, thinking, “I hope Ned likes chubby girls, Sara is getting so plump lately.” She thought.

“Sara, honey. I asked Neddie Fox over for supper tonight and a swim.” “What” screamed Sara. “MOM, what time, when is he going to be here?” I asked him for six o’clock.” Replied Katie. “MOM, that’s only an hour away, I have to wash my hair right now.” She screamed and ran to her bathroom the take a shower.

Katie’s husband called and reminded her they had a dinner engagement tonight. Katie called through Sara’s bathroom door. “Honey, I forgot your dad and I have to go to his boss’s house for dinner tonight. I will leave burgers, cheese and brats for you and Ned in the kitchen. Oh, by the way Honey, Ned has gained some weight, too.” With that comment, Sara yanked open the door. “How much weight has he gained, Mom?” asked Sara. “Sally told me about thirty pounds, he has added four inches to his waist line, too. I mentioned to him that you had also gained some weight.” Stated Katie. “MOM, why did you tell him that ?” Shrieked Sara. “So he would feel better about himself, dear.”

Sara just sighed, “Bye Mom, I love you. See you guys later.”

Sara now could not wait to see Ned, she was shaking she was so excited. She pulled on a bikini she had bought through the sorority. It was tight, black and had Pi Phi, Binge Team embroidered on the panty. “Ned will love this.” Thought Sara.
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I too have a soft spot for mutual gain stories! Why should the ladies have all the fun!