The metamorphosis

chapter 1

Frank Allen Thomas, aka the world's most famous superhero, Captain Fantastic, currently felt neither super or nor fantastic. Chained and somehow drained of all his powers, he actually felt quite hopeless and he had serious doubts as to his own survival. But it hadn't always been this way.

Just a few weeks ago, he'd literally been on top of the world, flying about giving interviews with national and international reporters. He and his beautiful side kick Laura Sheen, aka The Glamor, had just defeated and captured their arch nemesis, Doctor Destruction, once and for all. Captain Fantastic was the most popular man in the world, and he still was. However, now he was the most popular missing man on the entire planet. Military special forces units from governments all over the world had been sent out to search for Captain Fantastic along with an ever growing cadre of superheroes led by none other than The Glamor.

Somehow the minor villian Metamorphosis had trapped him within an intrinsic field device that had stripped him of all his powers. He, she, whatever Metamorphosis chose that day, sometimes even both, had managed to outsmart him, which really annoyed the arrogant and pompous superhero.

He'd defeated the greatest threat to world peace in a matter of seconds, well, he and The Glamor to be exact, but no one cared about his chubby sidekick anyway. And now, he was bested by one of his old flings.

As he sat against the wall in heavy chains, Frank couldn't help but to wonder if his harsh treatments and embarrassing break up with Metamorphosis had anything to do with his current situation. The more he thought about it, the more he was convinced that it probably was. However, despair did not take hold in our hero as he realized that he could probably use his good looks, charm, and amazing ass to his advantage.

Unlike we humans that for the most part maintain a solid and static appearance throughout our lifetime, Metamorphosis, like the rest of her dead alien race quite often completely changed her/his appearance as often as people changed their facial expressions.

At first said changes really excited Frank as the two could fight crime as a handsome man and stunningly beautiful woman, side by side for all of the cameras to see. Then when alone, the real fun began as Metamorphosis, using her psychic powers of mind reading would transform into what the superhero truly desired, a huge fat woman with a monster cock.

As long as she was willing to keep their little secret, it was all good. However, the more she fucked Captain Fantastic the more attached she became to the body he desired. Slowly growing her public persona at first thicker, and then plain out right fat as time went on.

As an alien species that's appearance was in a constant state of flux, she never could quite understand what bothered Frank about her changing looks, they were of course altering to his particular proclivities. He was constantly lecturing her about her weight, growing angrier by the day as she grew fatter and fatter, yet crying out her name every night as she plowed into his fit body with her big cock and jiggling belly hang.

Frank for his part, tried to warn her several times that Captain Fantastic had certain expectations to live up to and that she had to lose weight. "Meta", as he affectionately called her tried to explain that her species only bonded once within their lifetime, and that once they did, their form slowly took on the appearance of what their lover most desired.

Frank loved Meta's wide and bucking hips, and he lusted after her thick and throbbing cock, but Captain Fantastic was a different story. He wanted nothing to do with the now apparent 300lb fatty, yet as long as no one knew of their secret affair, he was willing to live with it. This hurt Meta deeply but she knew there was nothing she could do as they had already bonded.

Then one day, out of the blue, Captain Fantastic announced on live TV that he had a new sidekick, The Glamor. Unlike Meta, she was tall, thin and athletic, everything that Meta used to be before permanently binding with capatain asshole.

Devastated, Meta went into hiding, and planned for her revenge of some sorts. She didn't want to kill him or anything like that. No she was in love with Frank. No, she would just have to change his perspective a bit.
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Her Revenge 1 year
Love where this is going, please continue
Growingsofter 1 year
Hope you liked 👍
BitchImAPig 4 years
Meta transfers all her fat over to Captain Fantastic, then gives him his powers back. He struggles to even stand as he is under so much pleasure and his extra weight is preventing him from being able to use his powers effectively.
Growingsofter 4 years
Archer 1 year
She makes him a chubby femboy and breeds him to bring back her lost race.
Growingsofter 1 year
Love it. I promise to use that idea. Thanks
Her Revenge 4 years
amazing start, I can't wait to see what happens to our hero!