The runner gains

chapter 1

The Runner Gains

I met Barbara while we were in college. She was super buff, a middle distance runner on the track team. She would not have been a girl/woman I would be attracted too, but somehow we became an item.

I had dated a friend of hers who was overweight, which is more my type of girlfriend. We broke up, she wanted to lose weight, her fashionista mother was tormenting her about her weight and her chubby boy friend (me).

A couple of things attracted me to Barb. She ran in one of those little bikini panties and wore a top that was more of a tankini top that left most of her abdomen exposed, I do like to see some skin. The other thing was her appetite, she could really eat. She got so much exercise that she never gained an ounce despite literally being able to five thousand calories in a day!

Barb and I hooked up at a party. She was eating at the buffet, enough to cause her flat belly to bloat out, which I loved. I was and am overweight at five ten and just over two hundred pounds, back then. Barb is five six and weighed then around one hundred and ten pounds. We started talking, she admired how nice I was to her friend and that it wasn't be fault that we broke up. I asked her out and we started dating. I always asked if she minded that I was so overweight and she so buff. She said it didn't bother her in the least, she liked how soft my body, given she was so firm and tight.

We got married and settle down. Barb still ran with a club and she still had her wicked appetite, which didn't help weight situation at all. Things change though.

Barb got hurt, hit by a car which severely damaged her left leg, to the point she had to hospitalized for several weeks, her leg in traction. The doctors told her, that this was the end of her running career, she took the news pretty well, all things considered. One thing however didn't change, her appetite. Barb was still eating to the point she was stuffed. The hospital allowed her as much food as she wanted. Her metabolism didn't change for a couple of weeks. Her body was handling the calories pretty and she wasn't gaining weight. But after a week of eating she started to gain weight.

Barb was discharged from the hospital after six weeks. She had gained over twenty five pounds. She really didn't seem to mind, I thought she might freak out when she got dressed in some of her bikini panties and had a hard time pulling them up over now plump, round thighs. She had a round pot belly too, which she patted constantly. I was really getting turned on looking at her body as she gained weight, but I felt guilty that the cause of this gaining was her injury.

We got home and I ordered pizzas. I shouldn't have been surprised when Barb ate a whole medium pizza, bread sticks, dessert pastries and a liter of rood beer. She sat rubbing her very bloated belly. She looked over to the wall of our kitchen. There was a large photo of Barb's torso wearing just the little bikini running panty and the short top. She was super buff in the photo, no fat showing at all on her body. She giggled, "Nat, go in my dresser's top drawer and get out that panty and top would honey?" I though "uh oh, this could be trouble." I dutifully did as asked bringing out the panty and top. Barb got up took them both and hobbled into the bathroom. She was in there for ten minutes and hobbled out now dressed in the incredibly tight panty and top. I got hard immediately she looked amazing.

She had a two inch roll of fat around the back of the panty and at least six inches of belly fat sagging over the front waist band. There were two inch rolls of fat where the panty was digging into her now round fat thighs, the top had ridden up over her bulging pot belly. The opening for her arms had fat sagging out of them. Her huge fat booty was spilling out over the top, bottom and leg openings of the panty. She slapped her fat booty giggling, "Nat get your camera and take a photo of me!" I got my camera and took the photos.

Barb looked at me seeing my reaction to her little dress up. "Nat help me the bedroom." She said in a low sultry voice. I helped her hobbled to the bedroom, "Nat help me out of these please." I pealed off the top and struggled to pull down the panty. She stood in front of me, I was barely in control, her belly was bulging out just under her small but plumper boobs, she bumped me with her belly, "Nat I want you!" I helped her onto the bed for the best love making of our lives!

We lay around for a couple of hours. I loved fondling the new fat on her body and she loved it too. She turned to me, her belly splayed on the bed sheets, "Nat I want to get really, really fat! I want you to get fat too. I want us to be huge waddling around eating!" I looked at her stunned, "Barb, you have been so buff as long as I have known you, so why get fat?" She started crying, sobbing, "Nat, I was so envious of Jill (my ex, her fat friend) I love eating and I wanted to just let go. I was jealous of her dating you, I loved your chubby body. I just kept up the running, so I could keep eating. When I got hurt and the doctors told me that I couldn't run and any more I was relieved and delighted, that I could finally get fat!" I lay there stunned. I smiled, "Barb let's go to that buffet by the highway and get obliterated with food tonight!" She shrieked, "Oh Nat I love you!"

We drove to the buffet and we gorged ourselves eating for nearly an hour and a half. I had to borrow a wheel chair to get an engorged, bloated and turned on Barb to the car. I leaned over her to fasten her seat belt, she kissed me hard on the lips, running her hands over her bulging, tight belly, "Nat I love you!" "Barb, I love you too, you are amazing!"

That started our journey toward obesity. Barb would sit around the house, wearing just panties and one of my old t-shirts. She'd order take out, pizzas and have groceries delivered eating to her hearts and belly's content. She gained eighteen pounds her first month home, loving every ounce.

Her doctors told her the increased weight might slow down her recovery, but she didn't care. She barely did any walking at all, just sitting on her growing booty, eating.

I had the phot we took of her bursting out of her old track outfit enlarged. I photo-shopped in the same background as in the original picture, making it look like Barb, was actually going to try running being that fat she loved it. We hung it up next to the original in the kitchen.

Five months later:

Barb and I are now both morbidly obese and we love it. She weighs over two hundred pounds and can barely waddle, given her injury and all the weight she gained. I'm up to three hundred pounds. I can still move around, but we are looking into getting ourselves scooters.

She wears granny panties and t-shirts and spends most of the day surfing weight gain sites and eating. I still go into the office, despite being so obese. I wear XXXL sweats around the house and t-shirts.

A formerly super buff runner and her chubby hubby are now very fat and happy.
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