Va big

Chapter 1 - va big

I waddled downstairs my now forty eight inch belly swaying back and forth, my huge round butt spilling out of a size medium bikini brief. I went into the kitchen and starting fixing a batch of waffles and brewed up some coffee. I had to keep pulling down the XL size t-shirt as it was riding up on my belly.

The waffles were done, a dozen of them, I grabbed a twenty-four once bottle of syrup, a couple sticks of butter, my coffee and a glass of whole milk. I carried my gorge into the dining room and carefully lowered my now two hundred and twenty eight pound body onto a chair, which creaked under the strain of my weight.

My wife Katie and I had just returned from a life changing cruise. Katie booked the cruise for us, so I could start on my "bucket list". The most important item on my list was to gain weight and grow a huge round belly! I had been in the military reserves for nearly twenty five years which meant I had to stay in pretty good shape and it had really become a burden to me. We were on the cruise for six weeks, in that time I never stopped eating! I gorged myself on rich heavy food, eating five meals a day and constant between meal snacking. I gained over thirty pounds of glorious fat, adding nearly twelve inches to my waistline! Katie, already obese packed on another ten pounds, going from around one ninety five to two hundred and five pounds.

I had just stuffed the last waffle into my mouth when I felt Katie's wonderful belly press against me. "Hey babe what's up?" "Nat honey, you need to get dressed you have a doctor's appointment at the VA today." I chugged down the last of my milk (great for weight gain!), "Urrp, excuse me, I have sometime honey the appointments for ten its only nine o'clock now. Hey you are up early!" I replied. Katie giggled, "The smell of your waffles made my tummy growl and I woke up!" "Well you need a good breakfast anyway, I wouldn't want you to waste away!" I tickled a little tummy fat bulging through a partially ripped seam in her straining granny panties.

I pushed back the chair and heard a muffled crack. "Oops, I guess I am fatter than I thought! I will fix it when I get home." I hoisted myself up grunting in the process. Katie pinched my fat love handles and giggled, "Nat we both need to get some new clothes. We are so huge now nothing fits us anymore!" "Yeah, you are right honey, I will have to figure out something to wear to my appointment."

I waddled back upstairs and took a shower. I found a large size bikini brief and pulled it on over my fat thighs, pulling it up enough so no "crack" was showing. I found a pair of those basketball shorts that are so baggy and managed to get them on. I dug through my t-shirts and found one that at least covered most of my belly, slipped on some "flip flops" and went downstairs.

"Bye honey I am off to my appointment!" I called. I heard a burp, "Urp, bye honey, I will see you later!" Katie called her mouth full of a six egg omelet. I went out to the garage and got in my truck. It was getting harder to drive, my waist was so large that I had the seat back, just to get in, but being only five eleven, I was having trouble reaching the peddles.

I got to the VA and rode the elevator to my doctor's floor and checked in. Nobody gave me a second notice. There is nothing new at the VA for another fat guy waddling around. I was called for my vitals.

A nurse called, Mr. Fox, is Mr. Fox here?" she called. "Here I am ma'am." I got up from the chair and started toward her. "This way sir, please." We walked to a small examination room. "Mr. Fox, please get on the scale." I stepped on it, it was one of those new electronic ones with a digital read out. I watched the screen flash up to two hundred and twenty nine pounds. I have a fantasy of getting weighed at a doctor's office on one of those old school scales with the balance beam and not being able to stand on it because my belly is so big! "Mr. Fox, please take a seat and I will get your pulse and blood pressure." I sat done heavily and she clamped a thing on one finger and wrapped a sleeve around my arm. While she was waiting for the machine to beep, she pulled up my file on the computer.

She gasped, "Mr. Fox, my goodness, you have gained over twenty pounds since your last visit!" I blushed, "I retired from the reserves last year and I kind of let go, I guess a little too much." I lied. "Oh Mr. Fox, I am sorry I did not mean to embarrass you. I was just surprised, your weight has been very stable these last few years that's all. I am sure Dr. Smythe would have a lot to say to you about your weight, but he is on an extended leave right now. You are going to see Dr. Ambrose, she is very nice and a new resident here." She explained. I had to admit, I was relieved, I knew Dr. Smythe would give a lot of grief about my new belly! I went back to the waiting area to be called for my appointment with the doctor.

A few minutes later a young woman in a lab coat came out and called my name. "Mr. Fox, please." She called. "Here I am Doctor." I said. She looked at me and smiled, thinking, "Wow another fat one." "Please follow me, Mr. Fox."
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Hugefatman 2 years
Nobody waddles anywhere at 228lbs unless they are only 3.5 feet tall. If I have one consistent complaint about WG stories it is that too many authors don’t seem to know the difference in 200 & 500lbs
Snarry0901 2 years
Fanedfox 10 years
I know. I thought about that later. I should have been 250 lbs or 275 lbs. for the chair to really creak.
Fanedfox 10 years
Thanks to both of you, I'm glad you enjoyed the story.
Fatlilboy 10 years of ur best by far. Please go on.