Wonderful life, wife

  By Fanedfox

Chapter 1 - meg arrvies home

I waited at the arrival area for my girlfriend of several months to get off the plane, returning from her Mom's home in Florida. I was anxious to see her after three weeks. She had gone home for the long Christmas/New Years holidays to see her Mom and two sisters, both of whom, coincidently were pregnant.

Finally there she was! "Hey Babe it is great to see you, I have really missed you!" I blurted out. "Oh Matt it is great to see you too! I missed you so much! I checked my suitcase, so we need to go down to baggage claim, honey." She replied.

Meg had gone home at her Mom's insistence. She wanted her daughters together for the holidays before her older two daughters had their babies and would have children and husbands to look after. Meg's brother-in-laws were also there, but I could not get away from work, having only been with the company less than a year. I really wanted to go, too. Meg's Mom and her sisters were all plump, and I really enjoyed being around them.

I checked out Meg as we walked and chatted toward the baggage claim area. She looked to me as though she had put on weight. Meg has been slim since college in Colorado. She lost a lot of weight living with a buff roommate who constantly worked out and got Meg in the habit too.

I slipped my arm around Meg and I definitely felt a little more of her. "Matt I really missed you, I know you could not come, but every time Katie or Morgan hugged and kissed their husbands, I really missed having you there!" "I know Meg, I am really sorry I could not get away, but I am so new at work there was just no way this year." I replied.

"Matt there is my bag, can you grab it!" Meg said. "Got it, Babe, let's go home!" We walked to the car and I loaded the suit case in and opened the door for Meg. I noticed as she slid onto the seat, that her jeans were un-snapped! I thought, "She really has gained weight! This could be really awesome, I can't weight to see her in her undies!"

Meg wanted to eat out, she really missed our favorite restaurant in the neighborhood, just a few blocks from our home. We were seated and Meg ordered a combination platter of Mexican food, which I really was not surprised until she pounded it all down and then ordered a dessert too. I had my regular favorite, a beer and coffee after.

We got to our apartment and I brought in Meg's suitcase to the bedroom. "Matt just leave it over there, would you go back in the living room, I want to get out a new nightie I bought in Florida. "Sure Meg, I will be in the living room."

I was now really getting excited and a little aroused. Meg and I really loved each other, but lately our love life was a little dull. It was mainly my issue too. Meg was only five two and weighed around one ten. She had worked out since college and was pretty buff. I really liked girls with, to put in mildly, with curves. Until I met Meg, I had usually dated girls who were around size twelve to sixteen, not really obese certainly, but plump. When I met Meg through a mutual friend, we hit it off immediately and I fell for her despite her slim figure. It helped that when I met her Mom, who is a lot heavier than Meg, I thought, well this could be the future, I can weight.

Meg giggled from the bed room, "Matt close your eyes!" "Okay, they are closed." I called back. "Okay open them!" shrieked Meg. I opened my eyes and almost lost it right then and there! Meg was wearing a new teddie, it had a small, tight bikini panty all lacy and frilly and cutting into Meg's thighs, creating a roll of love handles. Her breasts were now plump, but still pert in a lacy bra and camisole. The camisole was riding up on a gorgeous new pot belly, bloated with the rich, heavy dinner Meg had just finished.

"Oh Meg, Baby, you look so hot! You are awesome!" I nearly shouted! Meg spun around, lifting her arms, which I noticed now had a little jiggle to them. "I am glad you like the new me!" Meg shrieked. She came over to me and hugged me hard, which she now could feel how I much I really appreciated her new body. She gave me a hard kiss, I ran my hands over her new assets and Meg put her hand on my belt, and said "Come with me!"

We made love and fooled around for hours. Meg's body felt so soft, the new plumpness was fantastic, I played with her round bottom cheeks, plump breasts and her amazing pot belly.

We were lying next to each other, my arm around Meg. She rolled onto her side, letting her amazing new belly splay out onto the bed sheets, nearly setting me off again. "Matt I want to talk about this!" She patted her belly. "Sure Meg, I am curious as to what is going on, you have been working out so hard to stay in shape, I am surprised, but I think you know I am in no way disappointed by your new figure!" She giggled, "I know, Mom told me you would be thrilled. We talked several times while I was home. She was worried about us, she really likes you Matt. She was disappointed you could not join us, but she totally understood about your job and everything. I told her our love life, had cooled down a bit. She said to me, "I am not surprised." I was taken aback by her answer. So I asked her, "You were not surprised, why Mom." "Meg when I met Matt last fall, I could tell by the way he looked at me, that he was an FA." "What's an FA Mom, I have never heard that term before." Meg, FA means fat admirer or what's sometime called a "chubby chaser", a guy who likes plump or fat girls." " I was surprised, but then I thought about it for a while, and your last girl friend, Ruth, was a lot heavier than me. I know we hit it off right from the first date, but I did notice it seemed to take you awhile to "get it up" sometimes when we made love."

"Yeah, Meg, your Mom is right, I really do get off on girls with serious curves. I hope you are not hurt or mad, because I really adore you! You really did not need to gain weight for me. I really loved you just the way you were."

"Matt it is okay, really did not gain weight, well at least at first just for you. Mom, really wanted me to eat well and gain some weight. She is worried about us. Katie and Morgan are both pregnant. Katie is about six months along and Morgan is about eight months.
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