Chapter 1 - Cash for Science

Authors Note: All people, locations, etc. in this story are 100% fictional.


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1) Cash for Science
2) Out of Body Experience (WG)
3) Welcome Party (M, S)
4) Less Than Ideal (WG)
5) Just Lunch
6) Last Ditch Effort (WF)
7) Terms of Surrender (S, X)
8) Spiraling (M, S)
9) Check Up (WG)
10) Mistaken Identity (WG, X)
11) Accountability (S, WG)
12) Three Double Zero (B, F, S, WG)
13) Three Double Zero Continued (B, S, X)
14) Mid-Year Review (WG)
15) Mid-Year Crisis
16) Crash Diet (WG, WF)
17) [Coming Soon]

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• S = Slob/Stuffing
• WF = Workout Fail
• WG = Weight Gain
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“ So I guess there’s no backing out now, huh?” Jessica asked nervously as the woman wearing a white lab coat configured various pieces of electronic equipment scattered across the lab.

Lured by a sizable cash reward for being part of the most leading-edge research experiment in the history of humanity, the 26-year-old blonde woman had wrestled with the idea of swapping bodies with a stranger for an entire year before eventually caving and signing the agreement three months ago. After all, the technology behind the conscious transference program had been proven to be safe and reliable, save for a few one-off instances.

“It’ll be ok miss Shipley, it’s normal to be a little nervous before the procedure. Once the equipment is ready, we will give you a short countdown and before you know it you’ll be in a totally different body.”

Jessica tried her best to crack a smile as she repressed her doubts. Since signing the agreement, the 126-pound personal trainer had spent nearly every day questioning if she had made the right decision.

The terms and structure of the experiment were straightforward. Participants would have their consciousness transferred into the body of another person, retaining their personality as well as all their memories except for those that could imperil the integrity of the project. To avoid any unforeseen complications, participants would have access to their new body’s memories, knowledge, and skill sets needed to remain healthy and employed. To ease the participants minds, the group leading the research project even promised that each participant would be paired with an individual of roughly the same age, sex, and education.

Even with all the thorough promises and protocols, Jessica’s heart raced and her body was cool with sweat as she sat nervously in the lab chair. After all, the experiment’s ultimate goal was to identify how an individual’s personality can be influenced once placed in a new body with an entirely different genetic code. The idea that she could lose herself terrified her, but the scientists reassured her that any changes would be reversed once placed back in her original body at the end of the trial.

“Alright miss Shipley, everything is set. We will begin the countdown here shortly and the machines will do their job. Once we can confirm the transfer is stable, we will move your new body into a temporary holding space where you will be allowed to get accustomed with your new physical form. After that you will be free to go!”

The slim fitness trainer nodded and took a deep breath, closing her eyes in one last attempt to sooth her racing heart.

“Biometrics are good and systems are stable. Beginning transference in five, four, three, two, one…”

Jessica clinched her eyes shut as her fingers tightly grasped the soft leather upholstery.

“Executing program – now!”

In a burst of blinding transcendental light, Jessica‘s entire life ruptured into a dancing cascade of color before yielding to an ominous and silent void.


“Miss Shipley if you are able to, please confirm that you hear me.”

Jessica’s eyes weakly fluttered as the medical assistant’s voice grew closer. Her head was pounding as if she were waking up from the worst late night bender on her life, and her eyes were particularly sensitive to the slightest glimmer of light.

“What happened? Where am I?”

The young woman’s voice was weary and her throat felt acutely dry as the last letters passed her lips. The sound of her voice was unfamiliar to her ears, it’s deeper and nasally qualities strikingly unlike her normally angelic tone.

"Take it slow," the medical assistant advised as she helped the woman slowly sit up in her bed. “Even after the participants regain consciousness, it usually takes a minute or two for the remaining side effects of the procedure to fade.”

Jessica’s mind felt sluggish as her blurry vision attempted to scan her surroundings. She could remember chunks of her day up until everything suddenly faded to black, however her memories about where she had woken up that morning or how she had arrived at the facility were unnaturally hazy.

“I… I remember the experiment… I took off my clothes... I laid in the chair... then everything went black. Does that mean?”

The lab assistance smiled as she documented every word on her laptop. “Everything went as expected. We were able to transfer your consciousness into your new body without a single complication. We brought both of you into your recovery rooms about twenty minutes later. For the next twelve months you will assume the role of April Milton. Age 26. You are a college educated woman who works as an accountant by trade. You live by yourself in a two-bedroom suburban apartment on the eastern side of town, but you’ll remember all of this in due time.”

Overwhelmed by the rush of events and feeling unusually lethargic, Jessica rubbed her eyes and frowned. “Is it normal for everything to be so… hazy,” she asked the blurry figure beside her.

“Oh right, your new eyes aren’t quite as sharp as your old ones. It would probably help if I gave you these.”

Jessica felt the light plastic frame of hew new reading glasses wrap around her head, and the world suddenly came into focus as she felt the spectacles glide down her face and press against her nose.


The young woman blinked rapidly as her eyes adjusted to the sterile environment surrounding her. She was laying in a small bed positioned in the corner of what appeared to be the blandest looking bedroom on earth, her body covered with nothing more than a plain white medical gown. Looking towards the assistant, Jessica nodded affirmatively and tried her best to give a weak smile.

“Perfect. From now on I will be referring to you by your temporary identity’s birth name. It’s best you get used to it since that is what everyone else will be calling you for the next year.”

Closing her laptop, the medical assistant stood from her seat and approached the exit.

“I’m going to give you some privacy so you can get acclimated to your new body. Remember to take it slow and please try not to panic. We do our best to find transference partners with very similar profiles to one another, but even then, some people freak out when their new body isn’t exactly what they imagined. Just remember that this is all temporary and you will return to your original body and your original life by the end of the year!”

Jessica watched groggily as the assistant left the room, her heart suddenly beginning to race beneath her gown as the air grew eerily silent.

“Holy shit, it actually happened,” Jessica exclaimed softly, her face visibly grimacing at the sound of her new voice. “Well, this is going to take a while to get used to,” she thought while scooting herself against the pillows, her muscles feeling unusually weak as she put them to work for the first time. “Why does this all feel so… different?”

Jessica frowned as she peered down at the flowing gown concealing her new body. Something was off, she just couldn’t identify exactly what that “something” was. Looking to her side, she caught a glimpse of what appeared to be her right arm jutting out just beyond the gown’s reach, her eyes widening at the sight.

“What on earth?”

Filled with a dread, the anxious woman lifted her arms from beyond the grown, raising her hands towards her face for a clear view.

“Oh… oh my god!”

Levitating just inches away from her face were a pair of pudgy, ghostly pale hands, their soft shapes connected to a set of beefy arms with equally colorless skin.

Having been a personal trainer with a penchant for tanning by the pool, Jessica had grown accustomed to having tanned and muscular arms. Staring at the alabaster appendages in front of her, Jessica quickly began to feel regret creeping into the back of her mind.

“They’re so… bleh,” she whimpered disappointedly while inspecting the soft body parts. “Oh no if this is what her arms look like then… shit shit shit…”

With adrenaline pumping through her veins, Jessica grabbed the medical gown beneath and yanked away the only piece of clothing attached to her body, and an audible gasp soon reverberated throughout the room.

“Oh there is no freaking way!”
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this is an incredible story, i can’t wait for the next chapter!

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SLDB 5 days
Thanks everyone for the kind words! We are fast approaching the big reveal I think everyone has been waiting for!
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