The ladyfish experiment  

A beautiful woman appears on a beach in Florida, wanting to be bred. All she wants is to grow very fat and very pregnant. The man she chooses to mate with, is a widower and a recovering alcoholic. Yet in her mind, he's the perfect mate.   More ▼

L.b.l up

When a girls phone downloads a strange magical force. She finds herself with the ability to act out all of her fantasies and bend reality itself. In the process she levies her powers against those she deems undeserving of their slim figures.   More ▼

There must be something in the air: a fatville/dr wu tale  

Punishment in the year 2050  

It's just bloating - complete

May is a gluttonous young woman who, as her weight increases, realizes that there's an investment opportunity in obesity. Follow her and her fat friends as they invest in obesity-related tech around the world.   More ▼

Gastronia's spellbind  

Jessica's odyssey to Gastronia blends love and cosmic exploration. Amidst celestial wonders, she discovers Dolcina and a thriving Gourmik civilization. A tale of cosmic connection and the fight between two worlds.   More ▼

Doubled debbie

Debbie has lived her whole life flat as a pancake. She is willing to do anything to get larger breasts, what if it required getting a larger everything else too.   More ▼

A dangerous solution

A young, beautiful woman volunteers herself to a program that promises to change her body and mind forever. This story is dark, involving conditioning, semi-forced weight gain, and depictions of medical procedures.   More ▼

Casefile: p1gg135  

TOP SECRET! Leaked government documents relating to the spread of a powerful compound and it's initial porcine victims. Check out my latest story: "What's the Difference?!" here on FF   More ▼

A test of capacity

A man and woman are both kidnapped while on holiday. They awaken in an unfamiliar room and are instructed to eat copious amounts of food for the enjoyment of their captor. Told from the perspective of the male captive.   More ▼
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