Bad habits

Oliver quits running cross country and finds himself in a confusing and dark relationship with his best friend's brother. Dylan is good at manipulating Oliver and preying on his weaknesses making him unhealthy and immobile.   More ▼

The beauty and the feast  

Elena’s life is flipped upside down when she inherits her late grandmothers ancient mansion. She discovers her alternate dimension ancestors would create great human-HOGS! An erotic, extreme-feedism story, a hog for her handsome feeder!   More ▼

Dark feedee & feedee tales: volume 1 (unisex)  

3 dark, fully non-gendered stories for everyone to enjoy. ‘POP’ goes the piggy’ - a tale of feeding until bursting. ‘Alien immobilation’ - A tale of growing instantly. ‘How vampires really feed’ - they worship human fat & absorb it!   More ▼

Fatter and fatter

For so long it was Jack, his husband Dan and their son Alfie. But Dan was now gone, Jacks feeding finally pushed his strained heart to far, now he has no one left to feed… apart from his 18 year old son Alfie. Warning: Dark themes ahead.   More ▼

An inside job  

Jeanie is a SSBBW who bites off more than she can chew when her boyfriend Billy takes his penchant for force-feeding too far. Vore and revenge are on the menu when a deeper betrayal is revealed!   More ▼

The homewrecker (full)  

A loving couple moves into a new neighborhood with their soon to be bundle of joy expected to come any day now when the next door neighbor comes to greet them and immediately becomes attracted to the husband.   More ▼

Club belly  

A soldier returning from mission back to the states meets a BBW in a night club. She invites him back to her place to have some "fun". He wants her to feel him deep in her big soft belly and she wants to as well but in a different way.   More ▼

Stories for death feedists

A random assortment of M/M weight gain one shots that may include immobility, health complications, daddy/son roleplay, and other dark themes. Art by Gooordo of me.   More ▼

Hot, fat, and ready!

This is a continuation of “Hot & Fat” an extended conclusion to a dark story of a very fat girl, treated as a porky sow and slaughtered with eventual cannibalism. Please leave comment!!—revised 11/11/23   More ▼

The ultimate succubus temptation

A sensuous succubus fattens you up. Will you trade your soul for the sinful pleasures of gluttony and lust? You really can’t help yourself, can you? Written in 2nd person style with reader as “you”. As dark a story as I have ever written. Enjoy.   More ▼
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