post passion patties - a totally spies fanfic

The WHOOP trio of spies, Sam, Alex, and Clover end the waistline-expanding cookie "Passion Patties". Post Passion Patties follows Clover, one of the spies affected by the fattening cookie, and it's ramifications.more ▼


🍩 repayment in full

When a starving homeless girl is caught robbing a bakery, she's forced to work there for one year to make up for her crime. As she gets to know Frida, the owner's granddaughter, however, she starts working to gain a lot more than just her freedom...more ▼
16 chapters, created 1 month , updated 1 day
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After escaping prison Mia’s ex decides to give Mia what he believes to be some well deserved payback after all he ended up in prison so she should be okay losing something in return or should I say ‘gaining something’ (I’ll be posting a chapter for everymore ▼


one pig farm

With a kinky, submissive streak, Troy has quite the sex life with his wife Emma. So why on earth is he secretly buying a seven hundred acre farm in Texas?more ▼
19 chapters, created 3 weeks , updated 2 days
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gaining at the end of the world

The end of the world is the perfect time for James and Jessica to realize their fantasies of getting fat.more ▼


the fat contest

Last year, Ann entered a getting-fat contest. Her Bf put 45 pounds on her in 32 days. Written in a diary format, it describes in detail how Ann's boyfriend fattened her. BEGAN A NEW STORY - THE FATTEST COOKBOOK. Hope you enjoy.more ▼
34 chapters, created 6 months , updated 1 month
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l.b.l up

When a girls phone downloads a strange magical force. She finds herself with the ability to act out all of her fantasies and bend reality itself. In the process she levies her powers against those she deems undeserving of their slim figures.more ▼


fatty friday

Jess is forced to move out by her rich parents and manages to find a house next door to a witch. For the two years she lived there the witch taught Jess everything there is to know about magic and potions. When her neighbour passes away, Jess makes it hermore ▼


sweet dreams: ava's 'big' vacation

With 'Sweet Dreams' the body of your ultimate desires can come true. Enter Ava, a young woman who believed in the mysterious drug. Follow her story as her mind and waistline transforms, meeting friends and love on the way. Story almost complete!more ▼


the big switch

When two orphans with diffrent life aspirations realise that they have what the other wantsmore ▼
22 chapters, created 2 months , updated 1 month
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