The epic saga of Pepper Gellman, who goes from wannabe plus-size model to body-positive head of her own empire (contains themes of cannibalism and slow gain). PS - For some reason it's cutting off the last few words in each chapter even though I'm below
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Fifteen years after escaping the fattening embrace of the Munchies, Olivia finds herself haunted by the past. (artwork by thatspookyfeeder)
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Kali is college girl living in a sorority house, unknown to her that it is a hub for the FA community to pick and choose their victims of fattening. The soroity girls have decided to fatten up Kali, a boy named Dylan taking special interest in the bloate
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4 days
When Nuclear war was but a matter of times government decided to build with a help of the richest man in the country shelter to save as many people as possible. Price for that help was just a one shelter to rule as he wants with it and with people within
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A spin-off of my Meeting Mary story. Welcome to Fatworld focuses on Mary, who has been shipped to Fatworld. A place where overweight people are taken to to get beyond immobility. Note: This story includes humiliation and can be harsh.
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10 months
Author of Pavlovian Response, Year One and more. Two reporters go undercover in a town where girls mysteriously blimp up. Female weight gain, seduction and feeding. STORY COMPLETE! 5/18/18 Edits to come.
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2 weeks
A mind-bending ride of mind control. Amanda's new domestic help rearranges her entire life. She may lose everything and be utterly humiliated in the process; but it feels & tastes so good!
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6 days
Told from the perspective of a Adam meeting a young and beautiful SSBBW woman named Hannah who becomes Adam�s subject by making Hannah thirty times bigger. Image from DeviantArt
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3 weeks
A spin-off story to my previous one called ‘Ian’s growth’. In this one, Ian’s employee is intrigued to find out what it is like to give in to her appetite.
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Read as these two skinny sisters turn into a fat duo to their greedy desires. Read as they get embarrassed due their added weight! Lauren and Lisa gain weight! Spin off from Marie!
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