the fat contest

Last year, Ann entered a getting-fat contest. Her Bf put 45 pounds on her in 32 days. Written in a diary format, it describes in detail how Ann's boyfriend fattened her. Just put up a new story "The LadyFish Experiment." Hope you like.more ▼
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pure luck

A young teen has incredible luck that leads him to a fantastic life. Slow story but will have a big payoff.more ▼


sweet dreams: ava's 'big' vacation

With 'Sweet Dreams' the body of your ultimate desires can come true. Enter Ava, a young woman who believed in the mysterious drug. Follow her story as her mind and waistline transforms, meeting friends and love on the way. Story almost complete!more ▼


the princess of baywood

On Princess Violet's 20th birthday, she is free to do as she wishes. But what happens if what she wishes is simply another plate of food?more ▼
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class cow

One student in their senior year will have their name picked out of a lottery at every school in the nation to gain weight and fall into obesity before they graduate. They must go through monthly weigh ins, measurements, and public humiliation for nine momore ▼


the bimbo pill two

A couple is pressured into testing a powerful new drug. It's supposed to be a more effective version of a Viagra for women. But it's more than that. Just put up a new story "The LadyFish Experiment." Hope you like.more ▼
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schoolgirl stuffing

After failing her senior year, Angel is forced to attend an all girls private high school. Although, she never imagined that her worst punishment would be her best dream. (This is my first story, hope you enjoy!)more ▼


l.b.l up

When a teenagers phone downloads a strange magical force. She finds herself with the ability to act out all of her fantasies and bend reality itself. In the process she levies her powers against those she deems undeserving of their slim figures.more ▼



A young woman finds out she�s been drafted for a war she doesn�t believe in and finds a clever way to get out of it. Btw the gain may be unrealistic and fast paced but I took the time to write this crap and I really donít care wether you more ▼
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vengeance is fat but just perhaps...

A dark alternative ending to my previous story Vengeance is Fat (Read that one first)more ▼
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