5 days
Told from the perspective of a Adam meeting a young and beautiful SSBBW woman named Hannah who becomes Adam�s subject by making Hannah thirty times bigger. Image from DeviantArt
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9 months
Mutual Gaining
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A reporter For the G.G.N. (Global Gourmet News) flies over to one of the most fancy resorts in the Americas, with it's endless buffet and legend of the sand being ...fleshy? She'll have to find out~
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3 weeks
A spin-off story to my previous one called ‘Ian’s growth’. In this one, Ian’s employee is intrigued to find out what it is like to give in to her appetite.
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Jack�s sister Emma sets her brother up on a blind date with Abby, a young and attractive SSBBW that changes their night forever
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3 months
4 chapters, straight male
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Read as these two skinny sisters turn into a fat duo to their greedy desires. Read as they get embarrassed due their added weight! Lauren and Lisa gain weight! Spin off from Marie!
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Martine's rich fiance has left for a six month business trip. But as the weeks roll by, she starts to realise why the passion has gone from their relationship. Her only comfort now is her fiance's hunky security guard who has been left behind as well.
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Jacob Morris is an overweight, disgruntled high school math teacher whose most passionate romance, to date, has been with the free donuts in the teacher's lounge. The charming new gym teacher sets him on a path to self-liberation. (Slow build)
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Holidays are coming and Ella travels to spend them with her family and relatives, that all like dratinional finnish food and deserts..
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