10 months
Author of Pavlovian Response, Year One and more. Two reporters go undercover in a town where girls mysteriously blimp up. Female weight gain, seduction and feeding. STORY COMPLETE! 5/18/18 Edits to come.
76724 views, 133 likes, 41 comments
Female weight gain, stuffing, ballooning
16 chapters, straight female
54174 views, 44 likes, 14 comments
1 week
A mind-bending ride of mind control. Amanda's new domestic help rearranges her entire life. She may lose everything and be utterly humiliated in the process; but it feels & tastes so good!
28254 views, 13 likes, 4 comments
5 days
Told from the perspective of a Adam meeting a young and beautiful SSBBW woman named Hannah who becomes Adam�s subject by making Hannah thirty times bigger. Image from DeviantArt
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9 months
Mutual Gaining
10876 views, 17 likes, 3 comments
A reporter For the G.G.N. (Global Gourmet News) flies over to one of the most fancy resorts in the Americas, with it's endless buffet and legend of the sand being ...fleshy? She'll have to find out~
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3 weeks
A spin-off story to my previous one called ‘Ian’s growth’. In this one, Ian’s employee is intrigued to find out what it is like to give in to her appetite.
12430 views, 13 likes, 2 comments
Jack�s sister Emma sets her brother up on a blind date with Abby, a young and attractive SSBBW that changes their night forever
1127 views, 12 likes, 3 comments
Read as these two skinny sisters turn into a fat duo to their greedy desires. Read as they get embarrassed due their added weight! Lauren and Lisa gain weight! Spin off from Marie!
225610 views, 58 likes, 18 comments
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