In denial weight gain stories


It's a psychle  

Jane had a normal life, until a, supposedly routine, visit to her new therapist, ends very differently than expected. Dark plots and, seemingly unnatural events unfold. Content warning contains psychological manipulations.   More ▼

Essence of the dragon  

Most legends come out of some scientific basis of fact. Is there more out there that we have yet to discover? I always struggled with strange ideas and thoughts of fantastical creatures. That said, I'll try to tell you my unbelievable story.   More ▼

Bad influence

Kennedy Walters is the biggest girl in her senior class. When she befriends the new girl, Melissa, her habits and lifestyle begins to rub off in a big way...   More ▼

No fake belly needed

When Brian has to dress up as Santa, his girlfriend Elvira is hit with a new sensation. But why does she feel disappointed when he takes of his fake belly? Maybe it’s time to start spoiling her boyfriend more and add a real layer of soft fat…   More ▼


A young girl gets trapped by an insane rich girl, part of my stories on deviantart. Please tell me what you think, my other stories are a little bit easier to read. And there are six more chapters ready to be uploaded   More ▼

The fattening of zoe smith

Mrs Aldridge does not at all approve of her son's relationship with Zoe Smith. The girl has to be gotten rid of. But how? (Complete)   More ▼

His mother

When Michaela met Brendan, A famous actor she knew that her life would never be the same once they started dating, However what she didn't know is that his mother would bring the biggest change to her life   More ▼

Sizeable success: a workplace weight-gain

A weightgain story about a woman who joins her best friend at a new office job at a plus-sized clothing company, only to find out that this new office may end up pushing her into the plus-sizes herself. Features WG, Minor Slob, X Rated Updated 1/19   More ▼

The grad student  

Connor struggles with his weight in grad school much to the amazement and somewhat delight of a girl. It’s hard to keep the weight off when all you do is eat and study.   More ▼

Laugh it up

After making a deal with Cindy without truly realizing it’s intentions, Lucy may realize she’s bitten off more then she can chew (Last updated March 16th)   More ▼
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