The grad student


Chapter 1

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I had been absentmindedly playing with his belly.
“I know I’ve gotten soft in grad school.”
He poked at his middle.

I saw Connor last night. He looked way bigger. His face was rounder his belly was so big. Even when standing his gut was testing the limits of his blue tshirt. I was shocked.
“How are you doing?”
“I’m so glad finals are over.”
“That’s good sorry im just now getting to eat. I haven’t really been eating lately.”
“What side should I sit on?”
“Right there is fine.”
I quickly turned back to my food.
“Sorry I’m just starving. I keep forgetting to eat.”
“I don’t understand how you do that.”
“Do what?”
“Forget to eat. I mean I have been so bad lately with my eating. I have ordered take out constantly.”
I turned around to see his newly fattened body on display in the most unflattering way. His gut spilled over his belt in a thick pale roll. His shirt was stretched so tight you could clearly see his belly button. His arms were meaty and the sleeves were digging in a bit. His face was fatter.
“I mean I wasn’t going to say anything but yeah.”
I cleaned my dishes then joined him on the couch. He sunk in so much that I had no choice but to sit close. He was so big. But his belly was more solid I guess.
“So you just don’t work out at all? Cause I mean dude this is a lot of chub.”
He was straight up meaty. Before he was doughy. No more soft fat. This was at least thirty pounds of extra meaty fat that his body wasn’t gonna give up so easily.
“No all I’ve been doing is studying and eating.”
“Eating very well it looks like. Damn just look at you. Your muffin top is so thick. You aren’t even doughy. What were you eating?”

“Mainly Indian food.”
“Seriously? Jesus Connor you must’ve been constantly stuffing yourself with literally no movement to get this big with Indian food.”
“I know. This is the fattest I have ever been. I’m really out of shape.”
“Yeah I can tell.”
I poked his middle. It was tightly packed.
“Ugh I know okay I need to start working out again.”
“Okay but seriously how did you put on this much that fast. It’s been like two weeks.”
“I can put on and lose weight really quickly.”
His shirt had ridden up and his overfed gut was bulging out into his lap.
“You sure about that? This is a lot. I mean maybe you can just play it up like you were doing a bulk.”
“Yeah I mean a couple weeks in the gym and I can get jacked.”
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Bodyofwater 1 year
I love that your feeders sometimes challenge the gainers to lose the weight. It's so hot and not a very common dynamic that gets written about.
Bodyofwater 1 year
This is so good!
Glassa 1 year
So hot keep going
Glassa 1 year
So hot keep going