It’s for your own good


Chapter 1

Listen to this chapter - just press play:
oooo looks like someone is getting a little pudgy.
My girlfriend snaked her arms around me to grab at the little belly I had put on.
Stop it it’s just a little weight.
I’m just saying it’s a slippery slope.
A few weeks later:
Urrrrrp ugh too much food.
I rubbed my belly as I kept eating. I knew I had started getting a little lazy but it wasn’t that bad.
So good.
I felt my fat push out over my waistband.
Hey buddy you might want to slow down there.
What why?
You are getting pretty doughy.
My buddy poked my gut.
You should talk.
I grabbed the roll of pure fat around his waist.
Yeah but I’ve always been a fatty.
What’s your girl gonna say?
I looked down at my lap. My belly was spilling out the bottom of my shirt. A lot. I shrugged.
I’ll deal with it later.
Things didn’t change much the next three months. Aside from my girlfriend starting to hassle me.
This is your fifth box today. Don’t you think you have had enough donuts?
What they are good.
Nothing I’m going for a run.
Out of spite I ordered more donuts. I ate them all.
Anytime she made a comment I would eat more out of spite.
Another month went by:
I was struggling with my jeans. My flabby gut was in the way. I guess maybe this hadn’t been the best idea. I poked at my middle. When I finally got them buttoned my belly spilled out in a spare tire. I finally sat up.
“What the hell did you do to yourself?”
Fuck now I was in trouble.
Ugh seriously right now.
Yes right now. Look at your belly.
Yes I know. I overdid it.
You have completely blown up.
It’s not that bad.
Not that bad? Sweetheart this is like thirty pounds of pure jiggly fat.
She jiggled my belly.
I watched in utter fascination and horror. So did she.
Stop it.
Nope. You are my boyfriend. If I want to play with your flabby out of shape body I get to.
Ugh fine.
Good. Jesus just look at you. Can you even see your dick?
God I’m not that fat.
You sure about that?
I actually wasn’t sure.
My stomach growled.
Awww I guess fatty is hungry.
I haven’t had breakfast.
Maybe not but you drank about a gallon of icecream last night.
You are not quiet.
Damnit she heard my night binge.
You and your binging.
So what I like food.
I can see that.
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