Southern weight

Chapter 1 - first week

Ashley called to her Mom, "I just got a job offer!" "Oh, where is it, dear?" "In Parkins, Louisiana." Replied Ashley. "That is great dear, but do you really want to teach in the Deep South." "Yes mom I do. I have always wanted to see the South, and this is a perfect opportunity." Mom really did not think this was a great idea. She worried about her youngest daughter. Though Ashley had taken pretty good care of herself while in college, avoiding the freshman fifteen, she knew her daughter had a voracious sweet tooth and rich southern deserts would certainly stick to her now svelte figure.

Ashley was a petite twenty four year old. She weighed one hundred and ten pounds and was five foot three inches tall. She was quite pretty, with long dark brown hair and blue eyes. Fairly small breasts, flat stomach and a cute round bottom atop fairly slim thighs.

"Ashley dear, are you sure this is where you want to work and live?" "Yes Mom I do. I'm sending in my acceptance letter for a two year teaching contract." "It is your decision Ashley. I just hope you don't come to regret it." "What do you mean mom?" "I worry about you gaining weight down there. The highest percentages of obesity in the country are in the south. It is so hot in the summer people stay indoors and don't get much exercise." "Mom I will be fine. I will work out and run as often as I can." "Ashley, watch out for sweets and deserts, you know those are your weakness."

Two weeks later Ashley arrived in Parkins. A small town near the Texas border. She had found a place to live and moved in over the weekend before school started. The apartment complex had a nice outdoor pool and patio area.

On Monday Ashley pulled into the middle school parking lot. It was hot and her sun dress stuck her body, she was so warm. She thought, "I will just have to get used to this humidity and heat." She walked inside and turned into the office.

A very heavy older woman looked up and smiled, "Good Morning! You must be our new math teacher, Ashley right?" Ashley smiled, "Yes ma'am, I am Ashley Fox." "Welcome dear, sorry it is so hot today, would you like a glass of tea?" "Oh yes that would be great." She got up and literally waddled over to a counter , got out a glass and a pitcher of tea for the refrigerator and poured a glass for Ashley and refilled her own. She handed the glass to Ashley, "Here you are dear, it is nice and cold." Ashley took a sip, "This is very sweet and so good, thank you." "You are welcome dear, Oh I am so rude, my name is Bobbie, I am the principal's and school's secretary." "It is nice to meet you Bobbie."

A few minutes later the rest of the faculty began arriving. The first thing Ashley notice about her colleagues, was how heavy everyone was. There were twelve teachers and six teaching assistants and all of them were overweight. They were all women, most in the early forties. Four of them used scooters to get around they were so obese. But Ashley immediately liked them. They made her feel welcome and everyone was very helpful.

The principal had everyone in the conference room and started going over the plan for the term and the first day of school. Someone bought some baguettes, still warm from the bakery and covered in powdered sugar. Ashley absently ate three, plus three more large glasses of sweet tea.

Everyone went out to lunch, the principal treated, as was their tradition the beginning of each year. They went to a buffet in town not far from the school. Ashley got a ride with Clara, who was the English teacher for the seventh and eighth graders. Clara was Ashley's height, but nearly hundred pounds heavier than Ashley. She was about ten year older than Ashley and had been married since she graduated from college. She had two children and one was in middle school.

Ashley was surprised that they drove only four blocks to the buffet. "Clara, why didn't we all just walk over here?" Clara laughed, "Ashley, it is ninety seven degrees out and the humidity is nearly one hundred percent, we would be drenched if we walked."

They got to the buffet the Hungry Farmer and went in and joined the group. As Ashley was going down the various lines she was startled at how much food everyone was taking. Clara even added things to Ashley's tray, "Oh honey, try these "hush puppies" they are so good here." She was surprised that nearly everything was deep fried, even the vegetables. But the food was very good, Ashley finished her food and was trying to decide whether to have a desert, thinking, she had a lot to eat. Clara convinced her to try the pecan pie, ala mode of course. Ashley loved how sweet it was and had a second piece it was so good.
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Rickeb 8 years
Please,please,please write second,third,forth,etc. So many things to tell,so much the sister has to learn. I also think Jack wants a big family to go with his big wife.
Fanedfox 11 years
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I will try to write/download more stories soon.
Fanedfox 11 years
Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it.
HappyBigBelly 11 years
"Ashley you really need to watch your weight, remember most men do not like overweight women." Ah, not in the South, mama! Jack's a lucky man smiley
Jazzman 11 years
Fabulous and Plenty Realistic Except for 25% of the faculty using scooters. BUT I sure hope you're not through. You have kept her virgin gain realistic and perhaps she could even embark on some intentional Gaining and Feedings. Maybe a June Wedding with a 250 lb Bride? Everyone Pitching In to help her to her goal! You could also have Amanda "See the Light ". Very Nice Story! smiley
Mdy73 11 years