The bakery bet

  By Fanedfox

Chapter 1

The Bakery Bet

By Ned Fox

Ned and Sally looking through the help wanted ads of their local paper. They had just moved to a new city and Sally needed to get a job to help ends meet. While skimming the ads, Ned saw one for employment at a bakery. He couldn’t resist commenting, “God I would gain a ton of weight and get really fat working here!” “Where is it?” asked Sally.

“Oh it’s Simon’s Bakery over on fifth.” Replied Ned chuckling. His comment had raised Sally’s curiosity. “Why do you say that Ned, we have worked other jobs around food and we have not gained much weight.” Stated Sally. “This is different, we or I have never worked in a bakery before the smells and aromas are so awesome, I am sure I could not resist temptation very long and start nibbling away!” Ned chuckled.

Sally said, “I am sure I could work there and not gain any weight at, much less get fat!”

“No way babe, the smells and aromas, plus all those rich fattening treats all over the place, no one could resist that!” Stated Ned.

“Bet I can!” said Sally. “Okay, you call them up and get the job, if you do, I bet you will gain twenty pounds in less than two months!” replied Ned. “Okay, bet! Said Sally.

Sally called that day. She went in for an interview with the owner, Al Simon. Al was impressed by her enthusiasm. “Sally, I do have to warn you. I am sure you have noticed that most of us working here have weight problems, does that bother you, that you might gain weight working here?” Asked Al. “No Al is does not. In fact my boyfriend even bet me that I would gain weight and I am determined to win and not!” replied Sally.

“When can you start, Sally? Asked Al. “Tomorrow!” replied Sally.

Sally started at four thirty the next morning. She quickly learned the recipe’s and procedures for the fryer, the ovens and mixers. She learned the pricing and how to wrap items. By the end of the first week Sally was as good as some of the girls who had worked there for months.

Sally did notice that turn over was pretty high. Most of the girls who worked there gained weight soon after starting and either parents or boyfriends insisted they quit and fine something more “figure friendly”.

The first two weeks when pretty well, Sally was very busy learning the “trade”. She did not have time to fall into the nibbling trap that eventually got her co-workers. By the third week, thing slowed down and Sally found herself bored and around a huge variety of wonderful, rich and fattening goodies.

She was fighting it the best she could, but soon she started to give in to temptation. She would munch a donut here, a sugar twist there and nibble a rich Bismarck too. She tried to skip lunch, but that was hard given the bakery baked breads and had a sandwich business also. She knew she was getting fat, but she was enjoying the over eating too much to care anymore.

Sally noticed her panties and bras were tighter. Her uniform fit snuggly around her tummy and bottom, but she liked it! She loved working at the bakery, food was fantastic, she loved the precision that went into the process and she started to think this was her dream job.

Ned too noticed Sally’s increasing girth and he loved it, Ned being a FA made Sally’s gaining a joy to him. He liked to discreetly watch Sally struggle into her now tight panties and snapping the snaps on her equally tight white nylon uniform. Sally knew that Ned was watching her and more than once she feigned having trouble pulling on her panties and snapping her uniform dress on teasing Ned with her expanding figure!

One evening getting ready close up, Sally bent down to pick up her keys and her uniform dress split right down the seam, exposing Sally’s plump bottom in tight pink panties jiggling in the breeze. She slapped her round bottom, now totally turned on. Sally filled four boxes with left over donuts and pastries and hurried to her car.

She drove home and parked the car, she unloaded her gorge, stripped off her ruined uniform, now only in her straining slip, panties and bra went up to their apartment.

She burst in the door, “Ned, I want to amend our bet!” shrieked Sally. Ned could only stare and the vision his girlfriend was becoming, the slip not only showed every bulge and curve, but accentuated them also. “Sure Babe, what did you have in mind?”

“You said I would gain twenty pounds in two months, right.” Said Sally. “That’s right honey.” Replied Ned. Sally opened a box and took a donut in each hand and started to eat. She smiled at Ned, her mouth full of rich, fattening donuts. “mmmha Ned, how about I gain thirty pounds in two months!” giggled Sally, stuffing another donut into her mouth.

Ned smiled at his binging girlfriend. Now gorging herself on the donuts. “Sally you gain as much weight and get as fat as you want babe, you are so HOT!” shrieked Ned.

Sally put hands on her bloated little belly, her mouth smeared with powdered sugar and frosting, burped saying, “burp, feed me Ned, stuff me until I burst!”

After that night, Sally ate and ate, gaining seventy pounds that first year. She got Al to hire Ned, who soon ballooned under his loving girlfriend’s tutelage. Al decided to retire and sold the bakery to Ned and Sally, who by now were as big around as they were tall.
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