The rise of emily

chapter 1

January 3rd 2011:

'I just don't know what to do dad...I just don't want to loose her' I said sitting across from my dad at the dining table

'Do you love her?' he replies simply

'More then anything! It's not just her looks but we have such a good time together, she is my soul mate!' I exclaim

'Well then, there's only one thing you can do...' He replies bluntly again

'What?!' I beg

'Fatten her up.' He answers sternly looking at me

I stutter and fail to find any words to answer him

'Look son, I've been in your position before, you fall deeply in love with a girl and become worried she'll leave you for another man, you've got to take control before jealousy takes control of you!' He said slamming his hand on the table

'I know for a fact you like fat girls, son. I've seen you eyeing them up whenever we go out. It's not your fault, it's genetics! I Like fat girls, your granddad likes fat girls, and even his farther liked them! If you fatten her up your love will grow stronger and she'll never leave you because of fear of rejection! Take your mother for example when we met she was a scrawny 154 pounds, now look at her...she's a 350 pound beaut!' He continued

'So how did you do it?' I stammered with embarrassment

'I created a formula in the lab, it increase hunger, stretches the stomach allowing a bigger food capacity, slows metabolism , increases saliva and speeds up digestion making them hungry again and it keeps them fit as a fiddle on the inside! It took me awhile to make but i did keep the recipe...Do you want me to cook up a new batch?' He asked raising one eyebrow

I stop and thought hard about what he just said, should i really fatten up my slim beautiful girlfriend just because i don't want her running off with another man? Should i ruin her perfect figure just for my own selfish needs?....

I looked into my fathers eyes, he was staring at me waiting for me to answer

'Yes' I replied

——————— ———————————————-
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Fluffylove 1 week
Omg more chapters!
Wafflel554 1 year
Please make a spinoff to Grace becoming obese and immobile like Emily and live together but in the same house
Fluffylove 2 years
LOVE IT..keep it cuming
Aengland2 2 years
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Theswordsman 4 years
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In my eyes the most beautiful story on this site! I can't wait for the future !! Congratulations to the author
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