The will

chapter 1

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I grew up in a well to do family on the East coast. I was an only child, quite plump when I was young. I used to visit my mother’s maternal aunt. She was very wealthy and to a young child very fat. I being plump myself, had always felt close to her. I also being a child had an unconditional love for her as a grandmotherly person. She always enjoyed my visits and I enjoyed them as well. She always let me eat what ever I wanted and usually way to much of it. My mother would always comment to my dad that I always gained weight at Aunt Esther’s.

As I grew older I got taller and slimmed down. I still visited Aunt Esther on occasion and wrote her also. I went away to college in the west, moved out there after graduation.
I married a plump little cutie from one of the sorority houses at my school a few years after I graduated. We settled down to our careers and buying a house. We were not really concerned with either of our weight. Though we would not really be considered fat, but we both had gained since college and neither one of us was concerned.

Amanda came into the bed room with the paper and mail one lazy Saturday morning. “Honey, here is a letter from some law firm back east for you,” she said. She handed me the envelope, very expensive stationary, embossed the whole nine yards. I opened it up.
It was from Aunt Esther’s attorney, she had passed away last week and at her bequest, had a private funeral and cremation. I was stunned, I was always fond of her and was not even aware that she was ill. The letter went on to say that the attorney would be flying in on the following Monday and would like to meet with us at our earliest convenience. The letter had his cell number and I called it.

His name was Jonathan Adams, Esq. his firm had represented my Aunt for several years and he had been a friend of hers also. He said that Esther had always been fond of me and was equally fond of Amanda too. He said that she had bequeathed her entire estate to Amanda and I with only a couple of conditions, that he would address on Monday morning. We were to meet him at his hotel downtown at nine AM sharp.

Amanda asked, “Oh my god I can’t believe this, your Aunt Esther was very rich wasn’t she?” “Yes she was honey” I answered. Amanda came over and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her plump body and squeezed her close. She whispered, “I sorry I was so crass, I know you loved her very much, Matt.” “Thanks, honey,” I replied running my hands around her soft tummy and bottom. She giggled, “shall I make some breakfast dear?” “Yes, I’m starved” I replied.

Amanda went down to the kitchen and started a huge batch of pancakes and a pound of bacon for us. As we ate all the huge breakfast, Amanda asked, “What do you suppose the conditions are in your Aunt’s will?” I frowned, “I not sure, but it might have something to do with our weight” “What!” Amanda asked, “our weight! Why would she have a condition about our weight, honey?” “Well, I answered, “She was always telling me how she loved being as fat as she was, even though the rest of the family gave her grief about it. She always insisted that I eat everything she offered me when I visited her as a child.”
Amanda piped in, “Oh I remember when we spent that weekend with her, after our honey moon, it didn’t register with me, but I remember we did eat an awful lot when we were there. I remember her complimenting how good I looked in my bikini, even though I was really embarrassed that I had gained weight, and it was really way too small for me.”

My turn, “Remember I wore that Speedo that we were given in that couples shower, and how tight it was on me the way my belly stuck out over the waist band and it barely covered my butt!” Amanda giggled, “You did look pretty hot in that Speedo, though Matt”.
Well you looked awesome in that bikini, there Babe”, I said, pinching Amanda plump bottom. We talked about the conditions all weekend, wondering what Aunt Esther had cooked up.

Monday morning Amanda and I parked our SUV in the hotel garage and when in to find Mr. Adams, Esq. I was not surprised to find that he was quite fat himself. In fact he was rotund. We started chatting and making small talk and he organized his papers. I did like him almost immediately and so did Amanda.

He asked us if we would not mind if he just read the will first and then explain and take our questions. I could see why he would have gotten on so well with Esther, not only being as fat as Esther, I could tell the way he checked out Amanda’s plump figure and noted my own growing gut that he had to be FA.

Mr. Adams started reading:

“I Esther Morgan being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath to my Nephew, Mathew Fox and his spouse, Amanda Fox my entire estate to share and share alike to themselves and their heirs and assigns. On the following conditions of this bequest:

1. That Mathew and Amanda in the six weeks following the reading of this will, gain between them one hundred and fifty pounds total. That they promise to maintain or increase their weight from that point on.

2. Mathew and Amanda will agree to live at my residence at the time of my death and retain my servants and staff until their retirement which has already been provided for.

Mr. Adams read on to the end of the will. It was mostly estate planning items and more technical in nature. When he was done, he looked up at us, raised his eyebrows and
Said, “Esther was very fond of you Matt, she loved you more than anyone else in the family. She was very impressed by you, Amanda, she thought you were one of the sweetest and prettiest young women she had ever met.” He continued, “Matt I know you must have known how Esther felt about her weight and being heavy in general, didn’t you?” I answered, “Yes, Mr. Adams, I did. I mentioned to Amanda that I thought her conditions might have to do with our weight, and I guess I was right.”
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Snarry0901 2 years
I love this story... sweet...
Karenjenk 2 years
short, sweet, happily ever after
I liked it
could have been darker but this morning... a pleasant read