What am i to do with you?

chapter 1

"What am I to do with you?", said Saleena, standing over her slave boy who had failed miserably at his first attempt to escape.

Looming over Carlos was the young, beautiful, and quite plump young witch, whom he was sent to destroy roughly six months ago. He'd failed then, and that's why he was Saleena's slave, as to the agreement of 1665, between witches and witch hunters. She couldn't kill him as that was part of the agreement, but he was never supposed to try to run away either. Carlos was terrified as he has heard stories of extreme torture and horrific transformations.

"Please don't kill me?" whimpered the still disorientated former witch hunter.

"No, I'm gonna give you a chance to escape, fair and square."

A knotted rope, magically appeared, hanging from a high branch in the courtyard's north easterly corner. It was perfectly positioned to scale the tall walls surrounding the coven like the fortresses of old.

"All I have to do is scale those ropes and I'm free?", questioned the tall and athletic prisoner dressed in butler's attire, complete with dual tails.

"Yep, but not before I give you one small parting gift, a part of me if you like, ok?", said the grinning, plump, young witch with a devilish grin.

"This is some kind of trick, isn't it witch? ", demanded the thin young man dress like a butler, although his tone betrayed his former occupation, much to Saleena's disliking.

"Maybe...", paused the witch for effect, "...but it's your final offer..... That, or I turn you into my own personal pig, you chose."

"Okay, okay, you've made your point Saleena?"

"Saleena?", questioned the young fat witch with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm sorry Mistress Saleena. I will always address you by your proper title", said Carlos in a robotic and prerehersed fashion.

"Good boy", said Saleena in a chipper tone. "All I want is a good solid kiss, that's it. Can you manage that big boy?"

Carlos knew there was something up one of her fat sleeves but he also knew at this point, he had no better options. Plus, Carlos had grown to like the fat witch over the months. Maybe it was Stockholm Syndrome or maybe it was genuine love, but he began to really enjoy her company and even felt attracted to Saleena's ample form. Saleena noticed and made sure to wear her tightest and most revealing outfits when at home with her slave boy.

"Sure", said Carlos rising to his feet with the help of his plump capture. Immediately, she trusted her voluptuous form around his thin body, her mouth locked with his, their tongues mingled in a furied passion.

Carlos immediatel made up his mind to enjoy the moment and he didn't want to upset the young witch and lose his only chance at escape. So he kissed her back hard, letting his hands drape around her voluminous frame and around to the cellulite covered backside he'd been coveting for the past two months. It was so so soft, so inviting. His fingers dug deep into her ample rear as they continued to kiss.

His cock grew hard and poked into Saleena's large and soft underbelly. Instead of pulling back and creating an awkward moment the witch pulled his smaller frame into his, letting all of her womanly flesh envelope him during their embrace.

In the back, way in the back of Carlos' mind was the logical thought of ending this most sensual of encounters and to finally escape the clutches of his witch capture once and for all. But as just recently stated, this was an idea, way in the back of his mind. At the fore of his conscious thought was the most delectable idea of fucking this fat witch. It was an idea that the lonely new butler had entertained several times when feeling extremely lonely over the past few months. But now that he had her dimpled flesh where he'd always imagined it, he didn't want it to end, not just yet.

Saleena unlocked lips but not her grip on the young man and muttered something to herself, or so it seemed.

"Done, Mistress Saleena?", questioned the young man.

Still gripping him tightly she asked replied with her own query, "Okay big boy, but tell me one thing...", she paused as she grinded her thick and squishy midsection into his bulging crotch, "... tell me you want this body", said Saleena in the most sultry of voices.

"I do, I do, Mistress Saleena", stammered the lust filled former witch hunter.

"No", replied Saleena calmly, "I wanna hear you say it, come on, give a witch what she wants to hear before you make your escape and leave forever".

"Ok, okay Mistress Sallena. I'll tell you the truth, as we'll peo ably never see each other again. I want your body but,... I want it fatter, so much fatter."

"Mmmmmmmm", well that's interesting purred Saleena, " I never pictured you for one who likes fat, but your wish is granted. You shall have it", said the witch with and evil grin before locking lips with Carlos once again.

Carlos couldn't tell what the witch was mumbling about, all he wanted was his freedom, so he grabbed her giant ass with both hands and kissed her hard as he really wanted to and as not to piss off his powerful capture.

A warm feeling rushed throughout his body. Normally Csrlos would have been alert to such sensations as he had learned in witch hunting school years ago that such feelings were indicative of transformation spells, but alas he was not. Too busy enraptured in their embrace, Carlos failed to notice his shirt and and pants tightening around his expanding form. All he could think about was the beutiful zaftig beauty in his embrace.

His clothes tightened further as his pants rode up like high waters due to the rapid expansion of his, thighs, hips and ass. There bodies pushed into each other. Carlos lost concious feeling as to where his body ended and Saleena's began. Her soft body felt so good to him, he wanted her, wanted her form, but he wanted it fatter.

"Fatter, fatter, fatter", he thought to himself while squeezing Saleena's jiggly ass. There was a ripping sound as Carlos' tight butler pants ripped open twin seems down his pants' sides, exposing his now creamy and dimpled thighs. Carlos continued kissing his capture without even noticing.

He moaned in pleasure as the transformation took place as wave after intense sexual wave drove him further away from his worldly senses. The lust driven young man instinctively grabbed for Saleena's gargantuan rear end again, wanton for the feel of her dimpled backside. But that's when he noticed something different, very different.

The witch's ass definitely felt soft and juicy, but it was no longer the cellulite covered behemoth that he'd been squeezing on just seconds ago. In fact, that wasn't the only thing that had rapidly changed.

Carlos could still feel all the soft and jiggly fat separating their two forms, but something felt very strange and awkward. He still couldn't place it yet, as he was still reeling from their passionate kiss. Saleena pulled back, stepped away, and began cackling. Her victorious and raucous laughter sent chills down the young man's now fat encased spine.

... And that's when he sobered up enough to look at the new woman standing before him. It was still the same witch alright, but a whole lot less of her, that is for sure.

Saleena was still sexy and voluptuous, but definitely no where near her ssbbw status from moments earlier. Even though her preferred her fat, she looked absolutely stunning. Her previous massive pear shape was now replaced with that of thick an hour glass.

"You must of lost 100 lbs Saleena", stammered the fattened former witch hunter through a doubled chin.

"No silly", said the much thinner young witch dancing about, "I didn't lose them, I gave them to YOU!" said Saleena enthusiastically as she poked him in his fat and exposed belly that had ripped through his shirt buttons and had flopped out over his ridiculously too small beltline.

"Oh my God, what did you do to me?", screamed Carlos both with equal parts terror and and fury.

Saleena broke out in hysterical laughter, first turning red, then almost losing her breath a few times, before she managed to compose herself, only to just to look at him again and the process began anew.

Somewhere around the fourth reincarnation of this particular hilarity, Carlos decided he had, had enough. "What's so God damed funny?", said the 100lbs heavier Carlos as he angrily waddled over in her direction. His belly jiggled and every thundering step sent visible ripples though his creamy and fat belly and thighs. Saleena could only imagine the damage done to his caboose.

Carlos was doing his best to close the distance, but his new fattened bulk caused him to move much more slowly and even more awkwardly. The yin to that yang was that Saleena felt light and nimble on her feet and she now easily out maneuvered her angry and fat pursuer, just staying out of his pudgy grasp.

Carlos' face was beet red and covered profusely in sweat. His muscles ached, and he gasped for breath. Not only had he gained 100lb almost instantly, but all of the weight gained was 100% fat, not even once measly kilogram of muslce. To say he was out of shape was a gross understatement.

Gasping for oxygen with his pudgy fingers gripping into his fattened thighs, he rasped, "You can't run.... forever....", he trailed off before sucking hard for more air.

Keeping her distance, Saleena chuckled and replied, "That may be true Fatty, but I think you better conserve your energy, if you wanna make it up that rope and out of here."

"OMG, she's right", screamed Carlos' mind like an internal scream. He huffed and puffed his way over to the rope. The man in fattened butler attire removed the remnants of his top small jacket and torn, formerly pressed white shirt.
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