Bri is a beauty influencer who has worked hard to curate her brand around her looks. But when she meets Nikki who encourages her to enjoy more off life off the internet, she finds she begins enjoying it too much as her waistline starts to expand.   More ▼

The reunion

Sarah’s is convinced to go to her 15 year high school reunion even though she’s not the same girl that walked through those halls all the years ago and an unsuspecting romance has some big consequences on Sarah's already large body COMPLETED   More ▼

It all changed so quickly

A fit and young husband quickly learns of his wife’s “preferences”. It doesn’t take long for him to fall into a new lifestyle of gluttony and rewards as he evolves into a superchub.   More ▼

Their chemistry was dangerous - updated nov 2023

STORY COMPLETE NOV 2023. It just clicked when we met. I had never dated someone so gorgeous, with such a massive appetite. But our happy bubble blinded us, and made us ignore comments from friends and family as she got fatter and fatter...   More ▼

Fat for paolo

Trevor is a drama freak and Paolo is an Italian jock. They go to the same school and they're both pretty popular among their peers. Paolo is secretly an encourager while Trevor just happened to have gained some winter weight...   More ▼

My weight gain - an interactive story  

I thought you were after my perfect body, but you wanted more than that. From the day I met you at that bar, my life has never been the same. My name is Freja Dawn and you are the love of my life. And you made me fat.   More ▼

A big surprise  

Parker returns home from a three-month work trip to find that his wife Stella has a BIG surprise for him.   More ▼

Dangerous appetites: part 1  

Daphne was an average debutante in all ways but one: she indulged a secret desire to gain. A mysterious bachelor with a taste for larger women arrives. Will her feeder prince charming steal her heart? Or will he slip through her chubby fingers?   More ▼

Fed up

Heidi, a wife dissatisfied by her husband’s precipitous weight gain and cavalier attitude about getting back in shape since tying the knot, is finally fed up with his excuses and decides to give him a taste of his own medicine. (Collab with piengoo)   More ▼

Secret cravings  

Matt and Lila's families have been entangled for years. He never paid her much mind, until he started to notice her change. She always considered him like a brother, until he wasn't. They will discover that dating each other will cause them to gain m   More ▼
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