A gluttony demon/ghost possesses a girl to satisfy its need to experience fullness. Jade is slightly conflicted about letting the demon posses her friend.   More ▼

Never trust a thin chef

COMPLETED 12/6/23! the cover art is by little_king_terry on tumblr. When a human FFA meets a supersized Tiefling chef, sparks fly! He's always dreamed of a smaller partner to dominate and crush, while she's always dreamed of a man as big as him.   More ▼

Tony�s torture  

Tony is dominated and fed by Jane, his friend with benefits. For him it is a dream come true. For her it is an outlet for her recent breakup. I put all the chapters into one story.   More ▼

A big surprise  

Parker returns home from a three-month work trip to find that his wife Stella has a BIG surprise for him.   More ▼

Big bellied bully  

Teven spends his schools years tormented by a big belly BBW bully Nicole. After graduation Nicole falls on hard times and gets into sex work. Teven uses this as an opportunity to satisfy his kinks and also get revenge on his high school bully.   More ▼

Quarantine quadrupling  

(M+F mutual weight gain)Henry takes a register job at the local greasy spoon: the Artery Attacker, where he finds out about the cook, Riley's sinister penchant for fattening her customers and together, they undergo some "growing" pains.   More ▼

For science  

Lockdown puts some crazy ideas in your head. What would happen if you just did whatever you wanted just for a while? It’s for science.   More ▼

Feeder wanted (a cautionary tale)

Taylor leaves a 4-year relationship with Jade after she discovers his fetish. A classified ad from the beautiful Curvage model, Thickhips666, finds him and he soon becomes entangled in a very voluptuous love triangle. (Erotic, female weight gain)   More ▼

Tubby tommy  

Tommy loses his resolve one he gets involved with a girl fascinated with his ever changing physique. Follow his ups and downs as he follows whatever gets the biggest reaction from her.   More ▼

Pudge from the past

Kyle runs into Courtney, an old friend from high school. She was always a bigger girl, but lately the pounds have caught up with her. The two reconnect before their relationship takes an gluttonous turn!   More ▼
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