Noah, a handsome feedee finds himself in the position to be able to make 3 wishes. What will he chose?
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A girls weight spirals out of control
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A new ordinance has been passed by the mayor of Snowpoint: "Gourmet Town". Basically, it'll help with business... but it seems to have the unintended side effect of making the inhabitants fat or even obese!
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When feeding side effects starts to show
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An online quiz has the ability to change a person's entire life for good.
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Warning: some really gross shit
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5 days
Jacob, just out of college and living with his roommate Alexander, has no clue what his best friend of 8 years has in store for him.
1 chapter, gay male
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How I imagine it was from his perspective, as I hurled my way into fatness.
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1 week
A plus-size model goes home to catch up on things there, but ends up catching up on her weight gain.
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A girl (me) swears off her anorexic tendencies when she starts a life with a boy who secretly likes his ladies a little larger. But what happens when they break up?
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