Male supermodel finds himself in a precarious position
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Chrisís life is about to change
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A cautionary tale of what NOT to do when gorgeous feeder aliens invade Earth
531 views, 2 likes, 2 comments
10 years later, Hansel returns to the candy cottage only to meet it's new owner whose insatiable appetite leads gluttonous Hansel on a new adventure
7693 views, 16 likes, 5 comments
Story of an asian girl that gains weight during university after her brother dies in an accident. Male perspective, realistic weight gain.
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Nikolai is a 21 year old feedee who wants to finally weigh 800 pounds. With the help of his friend and feeder; 21 year old AJ, Nikolai will spend every single day for a week being stuffed and fed in hopes of breaking 800!
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2 days
A fantasy fed gets him real pudgy
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When josh goes to college he gains more weight than expected.
2 chapters, straight male
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Politician panders
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