14 hours
Kali is college girl living in a sorority house, unknown to her that it is a hub for the FA community to pick and choose their victims of fattening. The soroity girls have decided to fatten up Kali, a boy named Dylan taking special interest in the bloate
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3 days
Told from the perspective of a Adam meeting a young and beautiful SSBBW woman named Hannah who becomes Adam�s subject by making Hannah thirty times bigger. Image from DeviantArt
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5 days
A mind-bending ride of mind control. Amanda's new domestic help rearranges her entire life. She may lose everything and be utterly humiliated in the process; but it feels & tastes so good!
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A spin-off of my Meeting Mary story. Welcome to Fatworld focuses on Mary, who has been shipped to Fatworld. A place where overweight people are taken to to get beyond immobility. Note: This story includes humiliation and can be harsh.
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(This story is set in my dark world of horror where there are terrible forces that live in the shadows of our world waiting to punish the living. Just to add a bit of immersion imagine the Golden Gourmand sounding like Hedonism Bot from the tv series Futu
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(This series will cover one female and one male story with the same name the difference will be a BBW or BHM after the title. Some worlds have dark powers that have their own agendas in these worlds anything is possible however there is always a price)
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Technically genderless main character but male works.
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2 weeks
A story about a girl who embraces her gluttonous ways and gets fat.
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a couple share the same fantasy.
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