It's a normal day in inkopolis when all of a sudden pearl discovers a new trend,weight gain! And when marina hears about the trend she decides to put on more than a few pounds
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2 days
True story.
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A semi-realistic story about my soon to be wife that I decided to write instead of working on a report for school.
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6 days
Lexi and Rhianna are madly in love. Lexi is fitness obsessed, however, little does she know that will all soon change when Rhianna takes over 😉
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What happens when a feeder finds his perfect match?
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His dream already came true, but bigger is better and is rewarded as such.
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Jeremy goes from a thin straight male and over time...things get quite different
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A shy library worker gets tangled up in The Madame's web.
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2 weeks
Guy finds himself finally giving into his desires. What he finds will make him everything hes always dreamed of and more.
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First time writing a Male weight gain story so feedback would be nice. A fit, somewhat naive former athlete meets the new girl in town and wasn't prepared for what came next. Finished 3/15
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