enclosed together

Two friends wake up in a weird room, separated by a wall of glass, they are trapped, they take the roles of the feeder and the feedee and their lives depend on each other. Hope you like it if you read it 😶 working every time I have to keep to fixmore ▼
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what's happening to me?

Revengemore ▼
10 chapters, created 3 weeks , updated 2 days
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a not so typical freshman 15

After some tough high school years, Connor was accepted to the prestigious University of Michigan. In fears of parting ways with their child, Connor's parents pamper him nicely during the remaining months before he moves out.more ▼
14 chapters, created 4 months , updated 3 days
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the sacred ritual

I realized with panic that there was no predicting what would happen if I stayed in this country. Just how fat was I going to get? *FINISHED*more ▼
71 chapters, created 2 months , updated 2 months
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i hired a witch

Harriet hates her boss with a passion. He's arrogant, sexist, demanding and a complete sleaze. But, he's also about to fall victim to her bewitching payback...more ▼
9 chapters, created 1 month , updated 1 week
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my sons got fat.

What happens when two brothers gain weight after leaving the military? How does their family react? Based on a true story from a fathers perspective running from Christmas-to-Christmas.more ▼
8 chapters, created 3 weeks , updated 3 days
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when you are in love

Susan met Carl a couple years ago and she fell in love with him right away. She would die for him, but she would also do many other things for him...more ▼
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Two people meet and a relationship begins. She is confident with feeder tendencies and he is shy and eager to please. Updated 12/13/18more ▼
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gold dust woman

A male feedee gets caught midnight feasting by his female feeder. Classic weight gain themes, a little teasing, and hopefully some fun dialogue to boot. Enjoy!more ▼
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a new year/a new me

A New Year's workout plan takes our hero in unexpected directions...more ▼
30 chapters, created 4 months , updated 3 weeks
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