the cheater

How are you supposed to feel when your narcissistic husband cheats on you? Do you walk away, or try to forgive? Or rather, do you use the strange side-effects of a vitamin pill to teach him a well needed lesson?more ▼
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Revengemore ▼
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aggressive expansion: 8 years later

Michael was skinny until the Devil granted his biggest wish; to be fat for an hour. When the Devil cruelly tricked him into staying fat forever, he never recovered. Eight years later, he may have a way out, but it won't come lightly...more ▼
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this isn't working (or is it?)

Ironymore ▼
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a not so typical freshman 15 (completed)

After some tough high school years, Connor was accepted to the prestigious University of Michigan. In fears of parting ways with their child, Connor's parents pamper him nicely during the remaining months before he moves out.more ▼
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enclosed together

Two friends wake up in a weird room, separated by a wall of glass, they are trapped, they take the roles of the feeder and feedee, with gaining weight the only way out. Added fragments to ch 18 Wanting to write soon 😅more ▼
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karma�s a bitch

A svelte young womanizer gets turned into a big slutty piggy... (part 1 of the Karma series! more to come ^~^)more ▼
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my feedist life (august 2017)

Just a little story about an important moment in my feedist life.more ▼
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the sacred ritual

I realized with panic that there was no predicting what would happen if I stayed in this country. Just how fat was I going to get? *FINISHED*more ▼
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