Wife exacts revenge upon her cheating husband
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5 days
A quick anecdote about losing control.
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John falls in love with Mary as they uncover her true potential
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When Brian's brother comes back from college, he has some his advice for his younger brother
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1 week
Please do not stop. Keep feeding me. the characters' sexes are up to your imagination.
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First attempt at writing a fantasy story, based on a college kids summer job and the weight gain that came along with it!
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2 weeks
Two people meet and a relationship begins. She is confident with feeder tendencies and he is shy and eager to please.
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My feedee is getting fatter and lazier. I need some more help
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The defensive line goes to the beach for the summer. With coach.
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I realized with panic that there was no predicting what would happen if I stayed in this country. Just how fat was I going to get? *FINISHED*
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