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A women wakes up naked on a deserted Island with no memory of how she got there. As boredom sets it she might just find new ways of occupying her time.
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At the insistence of his wife, a newlywed husband consults a psychiatrist after revealing his secret fetish, but it soon becomes apparent that Dr. Thrace has an ulterior motive. (*newly added 6th chapter*)
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A boy named Logan discovers a mysterious app on his phone that has the ability to alter the body and mindset of women.
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Two friends move in together. After finding a curious new relationship, they both begin to grow.
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The epic saga of Pepper Gellman, who goes from wannabe plus-size model to body-positive head of her own empire (contains themes of cannibalism and slow gain). PS - For some reason it's cutting off the last few words in each chapter even though I'm below
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9 hours
When a witch curses a canteen of beer, a teens thin body takes a turn for the opposite.
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Kali is college girl living in a sorority house, unknown to her that it is a hub for the FA community to pick and choose their victims of fattening. The soroity girls have decided to fatten up Kali, along with her boyfriend Dylan
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2 weeks
It all started off so innocently, but things soon get complicated when Damon and Jenny meet and accidentally start to put on a few lbs together...
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Man has to take a trip to Thailand. He leaves behind a difficult situation at home and heads of to the sun. He has some adventures and meets someone.
7 chapters, straight male
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