sweet dreams

With 'Sweet Dreams', the body of your ultimate desires can come true. Enter Ava, a young woman who believed in the mysterious product. This story of self exploration and acceptance will transform her mind and waistline. (A new chapter added daily!)more ▼


too big to handle

Megan develops a deep crush for a hot waitress. But soon, the waitress brings her into a whole new world filled with gluttony, lust, and shame. Is this a dream come true or is she becoming too big to handle?more ▼
5 chapters, created 1 month , updated 3 days
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his honored prey

Desmond spies a beautiful & exotic young plumper who would make a fine feast, but he will have to overcome a group of hungry cannibals before she can become HIS HONORED PREY. Dark themes, no gore. Co-written & cover pic by Adiposed.more ▼
17 chapters, created 6 days , updated 6 days
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the host

A biology student doing field work in the Amazon gets infected with a mind altering neuroparasite that gives her a ravenous appetite.more ▼
8 chapters, created 1 week , updated 3 days
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own you.

A slim dreamer gets a corporate gig to pay the bills, but he has no idea what the CEO has planned for him...more ▼
11 chapters, created 3 days , updated 3 days
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A husband goes to extreme measures to destroy his wife's diet attemptsmore ▼
10 chapters, created 1 week , updated 1 week
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l.b.l up

When a teenagers phone downloads a strange magical force. She finds herself with the ability to act out all of her fantasies and bend reality itself. In the process she levies her powers against those she deems undeserving of their slim figures.more ▼


the baker's wife

The baker has taken a bride, but she has a bit of a sweet tooth.more ▼
1 chapter, created 11 hours , updated 11 hours
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the provider

A husband's demanding wife just won't quit eating and gaining.more ▼
2 chapters, created 4 hours , updated 58 mins
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to the max

Meg is a pretty girl, so why won't the handsome Max return her advances? Determined to get what she wants, Meg sources a love potion. But a handsome face may not always be the full picture...more ▼
11 chapters, created 1 month , updated 1 month
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