A young skinny twig of a girl has dreams of being a fat little whore. Can Mistress Becky make chell's fantasy come to life? (Warning: may have themes not comonly seen on this site(Also, please leave feedback. This is my first fetish story))
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Experimenting with some fun (I hope!) dialogue between a female feeder and male feedee, both aware of each other's fetish. This evening-time scene occurs pre-bed, post-restaurant. Enjoy!
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6 months
A young girl finds an unusual new app on her phone that seems to be super natural in nature and begins to wield it against the women in her life for justice and pleasure Updated Daily
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Bob makes sure his beautiful fat girlfriend, Emily, a happy feedee, is taken care of at all times until her sister Aly enters the picture who she hasnít seen in 3 yearís stops by to visit.
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A shy library worker gets tangled up in The Madame's web.
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Victoria wants her girlfriend, Ariana, to gain weight. But with Ariana�s increased stomach capacity, things go a bit out of control 😉 Not supposed to be realistic, just to satisfy me and someone like me 😚
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5 days
Lexi and Rhianna are madly in love. Lexi is fitness obsessed, however, little does she know that will all soon change when Rhianna takes over 😉
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2 months
A story told from the perspective of Ryan who meets a girl named Mary who is a bit overweight that is looking for a feeder, but she isnt aware of what Ryan has in stores for her. The image from DeviantArt is to show how large and beautiful Mary looks
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**UPDATED 3/17** An SSBBW hairdresser slowly descends into immobility with help from her nurturing (female) feeder.
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Pete hits hard times and signs up for something he did not bargain for... now complete
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