A man becomes subject to his girlfriend's new fetish, hoping food and sex will rekindle their love.
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Scarlett is a supermodel like actress who puts on weight for an upcoming role. She comes to find that she can�t get enough of her gain. Slow paced realistic gain.
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3 weeks
a slowburn selfindulgent work of my fantasies for your enjoyment (this will be long and the main character is bisexual but there is not a tag for that smh) if you like this feel free to buy me a coffee (or not) at
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Rachel and Alice are in a drug testing facility, trying to test some new drugs that are supposed to help the sick and starving put on some much needed weight. It works, really well.
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10 months
A young girl finds an unusual new app on her phone that seems to be super natural in nature and begins to wield it against the women in her life for justice and pleasure Updated Daily
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16 year old Alissa is forced to move from Australia to Arizona to attend a boarding school. But she may discover a secret liking.. (this story more focuses on drama, etc. I don�t know how to write a good weight gain story lol)
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How I became fat
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6 days
A man on vacation wakes to interesting changes.
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UPDATE: New Chapter for 7/10/2018 Calvin has searched for the perfect SSBBW for all his life. He�s desire to search for a woman comes to life once he meets Big Abby
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2 months
Mark runs into a girl he dated in college. She's a little bigger though. Just a bit. Second chapter up now!
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