When Dylan wakes up in an unfamiliar room, he doesn't know what to do. He can't leave and he's being forced to gain weight. The only good thing is the cute girl that's being forced to help him.//Will contain force feeding and dark themes.
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Kandy seems sweet at first, but reveals herself to be an evil FFA who turns a chubby ex-jock college dropout into her private submissive obese plaything. Very dark. (Editing to prepare for completion, April 2018)
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Patrick and his husband Jim decide to participate in a challenge to gain as much weight as possible thanks to the infamous fattening compound Corpulex 7.
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5 years
A story based on the graphic novel and horror film 'Se7en', with a bit of a twist.
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3 weeks
A future story of what life will be for my feedee, Bre
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Pokemon are creatures we considered as partners but some trainers couldn't stop it.They knew that too much food was bad for them but trainers all over started to feed their Pokemon non stop,nowadays it was impossible to find a Pokemon which was
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2 months
Guy finds himself finally giving into his desires. What he finds will make him everything hes always dreamed of and more.
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Experimenting with some fun (I hope!) dialogue between a female feeder and male feedee, both aware of each other's fetish. This evening-time scene occurs pre-bed, post-restaurant. Enjoy!
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Brooke's dad worked in a job all about weight gaining and he thought that her spoiled daughter wasn't big enough so he got her a personal feeder and now she's gaining rapidly
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A young scientist has spent years in the pursuit of cloning technology, but when his experiment turns out different than he expected, he may have a use for it yet
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