Straight weight gain stories


Silver bullets, or how i came to terms with my abandoned esoterica  

In the near future, a starlet of waning fame and growing girth hires a trainer, excommunicated from CrossFit, and moves her to her luxurious home on a man-made island. However, there's a conspiracy and a catch that makes both girls pack on pounds.   More ▼

Sibling rivalry

The MacDougall Sisters compete in everything. When one goes to Sterling University, the competitions don't stop, but the turn into a snowball of gluttony and over-indulgence. Watch two sisters ruin their bodies all to claim victory over the other.   More ▼

Big bellied bully  

Teven spends his schools years tormented by a big belly BBW bully Nicole. After graduation Nicole falls on hard times and gets into sex work. Teven uses this as an opportunity to satisfy his kinks and also get revenge on his high school bully.   More ▼

Fed up

Heidi, a wife dissatisfied by her husband’s precipitous weight gain and cavalier attitude about getting back in shape since tying the knot, is finally fed up with his excuses and decides to give him a taste of his own medicine. (Collab with piengoo)   More ▼

In good faith  

A vain but voluptuous former fattie moves back in with her obese mother and fails to keep the pounds from piling on!   More ▼

The jealous love

How did Jane land such a hot guy like Tommy? Why is he so obsessed with her? And why does she dote on him so much? She never lets him out of her sight! It's a shame. He's really starting to look chubby, don't you think?   More ▼

Senali and the city  

In a nation where fat equals wealth, an impoverished young man falls in love with a woman outside of his social caste. Her wealthy family will only approve of the union under one condition: the boy's mother must be "inducted" into the royal lifestyle, whi   More ▼

Quarantine quadrupling  

(M+F mutual weight gain)Henry takes a register job at the local greasy spoon: the Artery Attacker, where he finds out about the cook, Riley's sinister penchant for fattening her customers and together, they undergo some "growing" pains.   More ▼

Just had to flip the switch

A fantasy about what might happen with a married couple after a small nudge allows them to fully embrace their shared kink. Unrealistic stuffing and weight gain with graphic sexuality. (Updated - Ch 24-26 added 11-19)   More ▼

For science  

Lockdown puts some crazy ideas in your head. What would happen if you just did whatever you wanted just for a while? It’s for science.   More ▼
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