The felony  

Dr wu opens up a bakery  

A young and fit college senior named Johhny Robinson takes up an offer to intern at a local bakery with his namesake. It doesn't hurt either that a cute young girl there takes a liking to him, but just not in the way he wants. She likes bigger guys.   More ▼

The cheater  

Emma's priced piggy

[FINISHED] This party is gonna be so much fun! Everyone has been so exited to celebrate new year at my best friend Sarah. I could have never predicted who I met there, or how they will change my body forever...   More ▼

Bloating bali

A weekend all alone

The House is empty for the weekend, and I have plans with myself... Things change unexpectedly, making for more excitement than I bargained for.. *Very Graphic Descriptive narrative- prequel to my next story* VERY NSFW. Don't like porn? DONT READ!   More ▼

Heavy sugar baby

I don't have enough money. I have to buy my own hormones on top of rent and bills. Sadly no one wants to hire a trans girl for part time work. I just don't know what to do. My last option would be to sell nudes or something... Damn.   More ▼

"for you my dear, i

Their special chemistry

A hefty toll

I know I'm trans since puberty. Now that I'm 20 I really want to get on hormones but the waitinglists are years. I've found a way to get modified hormones, one of the possible side effects is weight gain, but I'm sure I can keep it in check.   More ▼
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