Never trust a thin chef

COMPLETED 12/6/23! the cover art is by little_king_terry on tumblr. When a human FFA meets a supersized Tiefling chef, sparks fly! He's always dreamed of a smaller partner to dominate and crush, while she's always dreamed of a man as big as him.   More ▼

[commission] her perfect pig  

Updated: 12/2! A disastrous flight over the Bermuda Triangle lands Theo on a tropical island. The native islanders are welcoming and friendly -- but not so gentle. A beautiful woman and her accomplices force fatten him into the hog of her dreams!   More ▼

Vacation belly  

The deal  

When two roommates have the goal to help the fat one lose weight, it ends up with consequences for the skinny one. Maybe he should have been nicer and not fat shamed him!   More ▼


My quarantine girlfriend  

Le beurre (butter)

Theo works a job he hates and comes home to an empty apartment every night. His cat, Oliver, is his only true companion. After one drunken night on the net, he gets a text the following day that will change his life forever.   More ▼

It all changed so quickly

A fit and young husband quickly learns of his wife’s “preferences”. It doesn’t take long for him to fall into a new lifestyle of gluttony and rewards as he evolves into a superchub.   More ▼

Tony�s torture  

Tony is dominated and fed by Jane, his friend with benefits. For him it is a dream come true. For her it is an outlet for her recent breakup. I put all the chapters into one story.   More ▼

Agent michael conway  

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