There must be something in the air: a fatville/dr wu tale  

Weighted competition  

Two sisters have to put their waistlines to the test for a chance of a massive pay day. Cover photo provided by Softerstill of Fantasy Feeder   More ▼

Hidden depths

An unexpected purchase helps a young couple discover the kind of lives they truly want to live. Contains: weight gain, extreme contrast, bimboification, magic, some slob, and pregnancy. Very explicit. Work in progress. New chapters, weekdays.   More ▼

Breaking the mold (premium edition)  

(Completed!) The continuations of Enya and Isolde's story with plenty of additions. Cover by SilverPathfinder. Check out their artwork on Deviantart!!   More ▼

Feeding a mom and daughter  

Don falls for GoddessGut a model on a feederism website. She gets him banned from the site for being so persistent. Don gets revenge by dating her mom and takes advantage of their toxic relationship to get all he fantasized about with GoddessGut.   More ▼

No one sees you when working from home

April (28) started working from home in 2020. She gets pregnant with her 2nd child, choosing to enjoy herself this time. Between ravenous prego symptoms and her appreciative husband, she has some weighty changes. *Loosely based on a true story*   More ▼

Secret cravings  

Matt and Lila's families have been entangled for years. He never paid her much mind, until he started to notice her change. She always considered him like a brother, until he wasn't. They will discover that dating each other will cause them to gain m   More ▼

Vengeance is a mother  

Lara is once again called upon to wield the Goddess' circlet and help those in need. This time it's a series of women that have been left high and dry after being fattened up and impregnated by the same lecherous Lothario. (COMPLETE)   More ▼

To study a feedee

A group of psychology students blindly sign up for the most intense course of their lives and soon find themselves packing on the pounds as they seek to understand the mentality behind online feederism culture.   More ▼

Immigration problem  

When an Immarant moves to the US. She is blown away by all the food. But after induging in so much food, you can only help but gain weight.STARTING NEW STORY   More ▼
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